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Thoughts on this pic

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vic, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. [img:1536:1024:a6299b3ed9]http://www.zoomantics.com.au/images/krusty.jpg[/img:a6299b3ed9]

    I kinda like this shot.
  2. Matty B should give you some advice Vic.
    One of my favourites from your collection.

    (and your sensor needs cleaning) :p
  3. Very nice. It captures mood/atmosphere very well. Where was it taken?
  4. So we can post pics now? I though it was only in the Diaries section. Waht did I miss?

    The shot pretty cool, clouds worked well. Is that the Island?
  5. Cheers, yeah at the Island, at the bottom of Lukey.
    Krusty threw it away going up lukey and walked down, took a seat and watched his rivals carry on riding.

    Yeah the sensor has dust on it :(

    I'll get around to it.
  6. Not sure what sort of breakdown you want on the thoughts...

    Good colour and texture, nice tone with the cloud in teh background.
    It is unfortunate that the ground at the foreground has so much texture, it draws teh eye away from the subjects.

    Also a couple of moments later and you may have achieved better detail on the bike (Though totaly changed the composition)
  7. Nice pic!

    You could try cropping some of the foreground and the right side of the shot. This might reduce the distracting detail and make the bike a bit more apparent.
  8. Good first attempt.

    I think there is not enough contrast in the image, but that is a combination of cloudy day and crap light reading.

    Compositionally, the road being on an angle is a distraction, but the tyres form a nice lead in, with the brown / grass area forming a nice echo of the tyres for added effect.

    Subject matter is well chosen, with a variety of interpetations open to the viewer.

    3.5 elephant stamps. Keep up the good work.
  9. hi vic,

    i am going to disagree with Falcon on the colour,
    you have big problems with your greens clamping also your reds,
    blues of the sky are really a personal thing so i've just added a bit of depth to it... a bit of photochopping and all is good

    I agree with the composition though so a bit of cutting and you've got hte bike nicely positioned and brings you into focus
    overall i think it is a nice shot, technically it is a great catch, and with a minimal amount of work comes un really nicely

    hope you don't mind the hard crit & me playing wiht the pic (I would have chopped more off the right but I thoguht I better keep the zoomantics
  10. Nice Recompose Russ.
    Looking at the origional I am assuming the buildings in the right were there intentionaly, that is why I didn't sugest this.

    Again up to the individual.
  11. Now where's that blue button??
  12. Uh, sure you're not partially color blind? In that modified shot of yours everything has been tinged green, and the reds overly washed out (the reds did have poor definition on vic's original piccy - but in yours they're washed right out too far).
  13. I like it.....

    Have you PP it? if not, i'd play with the levels a bit.

    I'd def crop some foreground out of it, as previously suggested...

    Prolly woulda waited till the bike was juuuust a tad closer.
    It's the focal point in the shot, but it's hard to see any great detail in it.

    These are just small things tho.....

    I think the general composition is great. ^_^
  14. yah deliberate,
    just to show the contrast difference available in the pic: I have a hued green gradient over the image (minus the sky) and simply desaturated the red channel a bit...
  15. Silly question, why when I click on the photo does it come up in a non-resizeable window without the slider thingies (sorry brain stew at the moment) to scroll around it??
  16. Thanks for clearing it up. I started to wonder I was color blind and didn't know it after looking at that image.
  17. I like the shot, but the colour balance is driving me nuts!
    Over saturated green, way overblown orange.

    Can i take a guess and say that this was taken on a Canon DSLR?

    edit: Just checked the EXIF on the photo...

    Camera Make: Canon
    Camera Model: Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL
    Image Date: 2005:11:12 11:05:28
    Flash Used: No
    Focal Length: 18.0mm
    CCD Width: 11.33mm
    Exposure Time: 0.0020 s (1/500)
    Aperture: f/20.0
    ISO equiv: 800
    White Balance: Auto
    Exposure Mode: Manual

    f20!? Dear god man.... i'm not surprised the dust was showing up.
    ISO800 on the 300D also explains why the colours are the way they are. Just a person pet hate with Canon 300D/350D/20D's is the slightly iffy colour range. By the same token, Canon users say that Nikon DSLR's produce washed out colours - i say more realistic.
  18. Don't have to guess. The camera model is attached to the image's properties.

    It's a Canon EOS 300D
  19. I thought the EXIF might have been scrapped in the hosting/resizing process but thankfully it was intact. Edited my original post whilst you were posting. :grin:
  20. Im no expert at photoshop, so I took to this pic with the crop tool and desaturated the colours a little