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Thoughts on this FZ6s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ioseph, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. I'm looking for an upgrade from my GS500, my riding is a combination of commuting and long rides on the weekends (typically 300 -> 500kms) and eventually some longer touring.

    Pretty sure the FZ6s is the bike I want, comfortable ergos, nice maintenance schedule and having a screen will be nice for the highway

    Having a look at this one this weekend:
    2007 Yamaha FZ6S

    Obviously I'll try talk the price down a bunch. I prefer the 07+ dash and there's a few other minor improvements from 06 onwards.

    Any issues particular to this model I should be aware of? I've heard the bottom end is a bit lacking in torque making it easy to stall, but being a 600 I can't imagine it's too gutless.

    I'm going to also try get a ride on a versys and a vstrom for comparison sake.
  2. I remember seeing that one months ago (around the start of the year), so it's been up for a while... handy to know at the negotiating table. I'm sure you'd get it for well under $4k

    From what I've read it's solid and has a good amount of grunt, a big upgrade from the gs500 (40hp vs 90hp). Updated dash is definitely better than the old one with the lcd tacho. The bike itself looks pretty good provided all the usual stuff is in order.
  3. I had one no known issues with this bike.

    Yeah you have to rev it a bit. If you ride it like a twin its not going to work. I swear some testers dont kniw how to ride the bike.

    My front seemed vague at higher speeds on track. Compared to sportsbikes i was more used to
  4. I'm sure it'll be a big step up from the GS suspension wise, I'm not really one to push it hard anyway.

    Here's to hoping they're willing to negotiate on the price and isn't 'selling it' because the SO asked him to.
  5. So you can get the non-LAMS 100hp version of the FZ6 in Aus? How do you tell the difference as most on bikesales are 33kw hence not much of an upgrade from the GS500.
  6. It wl be better than the gs for sure.

    If you get it for near four thats a nice bike that will last a long time for very little.
  7. Fz6s is the full version. Discontinued in 09. Aluminium frame, r6 motor.

    Fz6r ia the lams bike. Steel framed.
  8. Bummer that they don't sell them here anymore. The full powered version seems like a perfect fit to my needs. As I commute every day I'd like to get something newer than '09 as I'll have it for a while too.
  9. I rode the sister in law's for a couple of hundred ks and my impression was it was like riding a sewing machine driving the back wheels via an elestic band.

    I wouldn't say it was underpowered but the revs had to really build and they took their time getting there. And it was pretty uninspiring getting to power.

    From memory my bike was a i4 at the time.

    But the ride was mostly freeway, on they might be more appealing in other circumstances.
  10. I think the Tracer is its obvious replacement.
  11. Check out the FZ8S which came here in 2011 to essentially replace the FZ6S. Example;


    Based on the FZ1 (same frame), but with a sleeved down engine and lower spec suspension/brakes. Closer to the FZ6S than the FZ1.
  12. My mate has an FZ1. It's a beast. If you're looking for something a bit more manageable go for it, they're good enough bikes.

    But don't overlook the 800 market, $ for money investment you may find it more suited - but get the bike you love I suppose.
  13. The 800 is heavier and a lot dearer.
  14. I think if i was considering the FZ8 I'd just buy a MT09. Which very well may be the case.
  15. Fair shake of the sauce bottle, Kevin.

    But say you wanted fairings, and only had a budget that was half the $15k asking price of the tracer, then the FZ8 would be worth looking at.
  16. My biggest problem is I want every single bike I've ever thrown a leg over. But I'm sure that isn't a problem exclusive to me. :)

    However I still think my perfect bike would be something like the CBR650f.....with the MT09 donk. Or......the new 800 triple sport tourer hinted at by Triumph.
  17. FZ8 does look very nice but all way outside my budget (~ $4k). I'm open to higher displacement, an FZ1 would be fun but for the commuting / touring I'm after something a bit economical with decent fuel range. Fun, fuel efficient, comfortable choose two ay?

    The other thought was an SV650, but I find the faired version a bit too aggressive in posture.

    Anyways going round for a looksie and test ride tomorrow