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Thoughts on the yamaha Fz8s?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chicken78, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Looking at upgrading fairly soon to full licence and trading in my trusty Hyo...Really would like to stick to yamahas and the FZ8S has definitly got my attention...Any thoughts?

  2. Latest issue of AMCN has a review of a number of naked bikes including the FZ8..

    The general gist was the rear shock is complete crap & lets the bike down badly & the pipe looks like it is from a scooter..

  3. Thanks :D Ill track it down and have a gander!
  4. It may have been the previous issue, not the latest, I think it mentions the reviews on the cover..
  5. A pretty decent bike by most accounts, but a bit bigger and heavier than some of the competition because it's essentially the 1000 motor with smaller lugs. If that's no issue for you, then ride, comfort and practicality are pluses.

    They seem to have done a good job with it and it's a nice looker at a good price too.

    Here's a helpful review, putting aside the point about the U.K. pricing -

  6. Dude, may as well go and pick up a second hand (2-3 year old) FZ1. I have one, that was my upgrade bike. It was only intimidating for the first 2 days. It'll be cheaper and it hasn't been built to a budget.
  7. The pics and some details of the new Suzuki V-Strom 650 are up as of the last day or so. Should be a good prospect also -


  8. Awsome thanks, I was looking at these today at a shop
  9. Thanks guys :D