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Thoughts on the Suzuki SV1000S?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. In this issue of AMCN there's a review of the Suzuki SV1000S and a comparo with a BMW (800 parallel twin model).

    The review piqued my interest. I currently ride a Blackbird. While it's a great bike, I'm starting to find it a bit of a chore to flip it around the tighter stuff, particularly when loaded up with luggage. On the open road you can't beat it. But not all my riding is open road stuff.

    So, the SV sounds interesting. A mate bought the plain vanilla version and I chatted to "James" on the Bright ride this past weekend who also rides an SV1000. He said that it's more or less the same bike as the S model but with different bars and no fairing. He also said that the reviewer in AMCN didn't really paint an accurate picture of the bike.

    So, I was wondering if anyone else here has any views of this bike. They're going for around $13k, new. I reckon that now the missus has her dream home, I should be allowed to get another bike, when finances allow, that is.

    So, for those who've ridden the SV1000S or who've owned one, did the AMCN article do the bike justice, or is it different to what the author wrote? In particular, the handling issues that she (the reviewer) had with the bike?

  2. Talk to Realm. She tells me it's not a good bike for distance riding Marty.
  3. I'd have one at the drop of a hat ;)
  4. Very nice bike but it has to be black.
  5. How tall are you?

    Suzuki DL1000 (V-Strom) more-or-less the same motor with an upright riding position.
    Quite capable in the Tighter Stuff, even whilst fully kitted with touring gear.
    On the plus side, you can ride it all day long, no pain.

    The best of both worlds; SV1000 & Blackbird.
    Not a compromise.

    Only thing is you got to be tall to handle it!

    If you don't need to cart pillions or heaps of touring gear,
    the DL650 is a little smaller and lighter.
  6. Can anyone provide a copy of the review for me, and I'll let you know if i think its accurate, or even the gist of it would suffice.

    Cheers Scheff.
  7. About 5'10-11''.

    Don't like the Vstrom's style. Checked out a mate's once. Didn't really like it.

    That'd be a backward step for me. While there's nothing wrong with smaller capacity bikes, I'm too used to the power on tap that litre plus bikes have to offer. And having ridden a mate's VTR1000 recently, the idea of a litre V twin and the grunt that it has is attractive to me. But with the SV1000S the weight is lower than the VTR and HEAPS lower than the B'bird.

    Of course, if they're not that flash on long trips, I'll have to consider that too. But then the lads on their R1s, Cruisingal's husband on his R6 and so on, all seem to be able to handle the longer distances without too much pain and anguish. And they seem to be more sportier than the SVs.

    If Realm gets to read this post, what are the concerns about long distance riding on the SV1000S (presumably Realm has one of these, that is)?
  8. I think Realm has an SV1000. Not sure what the difference is between that and the S.

    That review would best have been done by someone who'd had more experience on the bike. He got on it - loaded with luggage - and then took it along the Alpine rd where he tried to get to know it, and ended up forming his initial opinion on it based on that experience.

    He did do an 11 hr stretch on it back up to Sydney and had no complaints of discomfort, but I'm guessing that was along the Hume.
  9. I believe Realm's is the S, if the S is merely a bikini fairing. But she also has an aftermarket fairing kit which traps too much heat on warmer days, therefore she's unable to ride longer distances on really sweltering 40ºC days.
  10. but it's a Suzu, Suzu, Suzu....you can't even say it !
  11. Nice bike but a bit ugly IMO. I still like the BMW! :cool:
  12. There was a very heated response to that review in the SVdownunder dot com website (sorry, I'm a newbie and I can't post web addresses as yet).
  13. Thanks for the link. Just read the thread and a couple of others related to the S model.

    The posts mostly seemed to digress from the issue of the the review of the bike itself to shitcanning AMCN and the testers involved in this article. One or two guys had posts that could possibly explain away any misperceptions that the authors of the article had about the bike. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough info from these guys who ride the SV1000S to give me a better picture of what the bike's like.

    I'll have to start watching Bikesales to see when a few later model used ones come up and take one or two for a test ride. See for myself. I would hope too, that it won't be just a quick blast around the block, either.
  14. Not sure if you've got a bike yet.

    I've just picked up an Sv1000S K6 (previously had an SV1000S K3) for $10k, with under 5000km on it. You just have to be patient :)

    I'm no Casey Stoner, but the bike does handle very well for what I want it to do. As for trips, my ass gets sore after 600-700km, but I've ridden from QLD to SA, SA to melbourne not problems. You can get higher bars, and double bubble screens that will help heaps.

    Best of luck.
  15. I had a brief ride on Stwey's - it was the naked bt there's not a lot of difference. His bike is completely stock.

    - Excellent motor. All the grunt a v-twin is supposed to deliver, plus it really belts you in the arse at the top end as well. Acceleration happens in quite a mad rush, the bike doesn't feel like it's working that hard to hurtle you forward up above 200 and it happens very quickly indeed. I was extremely impressed with the power, the light, responsive throttle and the i4-like top end. The same motor in the DL1000 with a few tuning changes left me underwhelmed.
    - Handling seemed fine, nothing special but it's not a sportsbike.
    - Powerful brakes (although they lack feel, see cons)
    - Wheelies like a motherf*cker in first on power, standard gearing and all. I usually recommend people learn to use the clutch to wheelie a bike, but clutching the SV1000 in first gear is a bit of a recipe for disaster as it really comes up quick.

    - Stock it sounds like a sewing machine, but you get that
    - Tank is way too narrow. Can't grip it with your legs, so it's uncomfortable under brakes and not much to grab with your legs and hang off
    - Tank range is woeful from my understanding - so why not make a wider, bigger tank? that'd solve 2 problems in one.
    - Stewy reckons the seat's a bit of a plank. Not too expensive to fix, with the options out there.
    - Brakes were very grabby, one finger jobs. I personally don't like them set up like that, I don't feel like I've got much control under real hard braking. They were extremely powerful but without a lot of feel and I wasn't comfortable to manage pressure in a stoppie or an emergency brake.

    I was impressed by the SV - the motor is just awesome and apart from the tank thing it seems like a beaut all-rounder.
  16. If the thou is the same as the 650 then fairly sure that the "S" version not only has the fairing/sportier riding position - but the engine is also tuned more for peak hp/torque. The naked version however is designed more as a commuter and the engine is therefore tuned more for midrange power/torque. Not sure how dramatic the difference is though.