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Thoughts on the race last night??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. So what did everyone think of last nights race?? I quite enjoyed the tension that the lingering rain brought about. In terms of exciting racing there was a whole lot overall with the exception of a few nervous moments (like Barros hitting the slippery strip on the last lap and stepping the rear end out quite substantially). What did everyone think??

    It was good to see Stoner Get up and give the Aussie a win. I personally think he looks alot more comfortable riding the 250cc then he did on the 125.


  2. A well earned win from Barros.

    Stoner had a well deserve win, he used to ride a 250 before stepping down to the 125's.
    Good win for Barros but would have liked to have seen the race if Gibernau hadn't crashed out. Barros was catching him and Rossi was being brought with him. I think once Rossi knew that Gibernau had crashed out, he was content to finish second rather than go all out to catch Barros.
    125 race was exciting with Gabon Talmacsi crashing out and taking Thomas Luthi with him and then Luthi getting back to third. Good win for Mika Kallio.
  4. I liked it, good race :)

    Barros did very well (apart from the crappy start that is), I liked the way he knew when to push and when to let Gibby go. Talking of Gib (I couldn't spell his name if you paid me), I felt sorry for him as he had great pace and was trying to stick it to Rossi after the 'racing incident' last week.

    Edwards was also quite impressive (until he fell off). Suzuki were a bit of a let-down as was Hayden. Checa was impressive, I guess Capirossi must still be injured?

    Baggy was a bit strange, looks like he could have taken Rossi but didn't have the nerve to try and seemed to be happy to just sit behind him?

    Anyone know why Kwaky didn't bother to get someone (anyone) to ride their other bike? Seems a bit silly to me.

  5. Nah i dont think so, he just didnt have the pace from the start. From what ive seen of him theres no way he would just sit back content with second.

    He was tryin at the end there but lust lacked that kinda pace all weekend.
  6. Yeah i agree. I you paid close attention to the Gap times (before Sete gibernau crashed out) you would have noticed that Barros was slowly realing sete in @ about 1/10th second each lap but the Gap between Barros and Rossi was increasing much faster @ about 1/2-1 second a lap. Rossi just didn't have the pace last night and the fact that it was sprinkling meant he didn't really have a hope of making all the ground back.

    The Hondas had too much pace down the straight. You could see Rossi get a slight gap on Biaggi, but when they hit the back straight biaggi would blow him away. Every lap Rossi entered the back straight in a better position only to finish with biaggi on his arse by the end. Luckily for Rossi there was a slight sprinkle as it meant it was almost impossible for biaggi to get him underbrakes. We all saw what happened to Bayliss under a bit of over spirited braking considering the conditions.

  7. Very pleased to see that Casey Stoner shone again :D
  8. Barros.
    Far out, goes to show you it’s never too late for one more win. Didn’t he start in the premier class back in the 80’s??

    I love the white flag rule. Nobody wanted to pit (lose their place). I reckon it was so stressful for all the riders having to make the call while out on the circuit. Sure it didn’t rain alot, but how far do you think Sete, Max, Edwards would stay out there on slicks before pitting?
    And this dizzle they had, the white flag absolved the race steward of being responcible for the falls of Sete, Edwards & Bayliss, the riders take on that responcibility.
    It places value on having a level head & fortitude in a racer.

    This rule will fly open the doors on calling each others bluff. If you’ve got someone right up your clacker, you dare not pit, but next thing you know at the end of the straight you’re all alone as they swap to their grooved tyred bike & pass you by the end of the next lap.
  9. Barros started in the MotoGP class or the 500s as it was back then in 1986. They said it last night, at a track that they no longer go to (Can't remember where).
    Must admit I liked the white flag rule. Up to the riders and pit crews when they want to pit. Could lead to interesting times.

    Or all of a sudden that person doesn't pit and comes sliding past you on their arse or you slide down the track on your arse as you didn't pit when you should have done...:LOL:
  10. I assume that if you fall off during a white flag and stuff your bike up you can get a replacement bike with what ever tyres you want on it (slicks, wets, semi's). As long as you can limp back to the pits that is.

    Does anyone know if that's what Bayliss did yesterday or did he just stay out on his battle-scared bike?
  11. I do like the idea of the white flag, i was hopin it would rain just a little harder to see what would happen.

    My only problem is youll get the slower teams with nothin to lose takin a guess and then occasionally it will be a good guess and theyll have a massive advantage.

    Where as the leaders are in the opposite position with everything to lose. I just think it could get very messy at times.
  12. I think Bayliss rode the downed bike to the end. As he didn't loose too many places before he was circulating again.
    Since Gardiener's antics in the late '80s there has been a steady emphisis on making the bikes as crashworthy as possible.
  13. I watched to see if they showed the final finishing order and was pleased to see Bayliss in 11 spot 1 min 30 odd seconds behind the winner.

    Not bad after binning it.
  14. Nah, that would've been in the 80cc class. He didn't make his 500cc debut until 1990 on a Cagiva, although he may have had a single run on a Yamaha some time in 1989 while he was competing in the 250cc class - my memory is failing... :(
  15. All due credit to Barros, etc - a well-deserved win. (Shame he's been around since God was a nipper and hasn't exactly got a bulging trophy case.)

    However - until the rain came, I thought it was all rather dull. Edwards and Melandri gave us an interesting dice, but otherwise it was a bit like a Formula 1 race.

    At least Channel 10 showed it at something like the advertised time, for a change.
  16. I nearly missed it, again. I switched over to FoxSports to see how the support races were going, only to see the MotoGP guys forming up on the warming lap. It appears that the 125 or 250 race was rescheduled to run after the MotoGP class.

    F1live.com (motogp section) had the MotoGP starting at 1300hrs local time. Or 2300 here in Oz (EST). Because Portugal is the only country that's not on daylight savings, it meant stuffing up local TV schedules, hence the early showing of the big bikes.

    Good to see Bayliss finish in front of at least one of the Ducatis despite dropping it.