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Thoughts on the new ZX-14 SE

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 10, 2007.

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  2. Still looks like a freight train...
    And has almost as much power! :LOL:
  3. Nope, it's just an 08 with a dodgy paintjob. Thought 08s are improved over the ->07 models.
  4. 08 model had quite a bit of internal redesign with most of the work done inside the engine; the paint job (which I think looks daft, btw) is the least important change. You can read about the details here:
    they describe the changes as "not dramatic, but significant".
  5. Hey Pilot, have seen em in the flesh.. Damn ugly mate..

    To much red on them, inc frame.. :shock:

    Has intake mods to the heads for the new emission controls, and exhaust mods for sound as well, not that they dont already sound like a vaccuum cleaner when they are stock. It got a 7hp gain due to the mods over the 06/07 models..

    With the normal mods as in pipe, filter and PC111 with custom map these things boogie, well more than standard anyway.. :twisted:

    On the 08 they have fixed up the down low power problem i am to believe, the 06/07 secondries didnt open until around the 6000rpm mark, so people have been removing the secondry flies.

    Mine has the normal mods, still has the flies though, but with the PC111 and map it has cleared up the down low issue pretty much anyway.

    Try and get a look at the Blue one for 08. Its dark blue and is very metallic, so in the sun it looks awesome.. The silver looks boring in my opinion.. I am glad i got my 07 blue one .. :grin:
  6. Cheers, blue. Will have to check it out. Have had a bash on the B-King. Waiting to see the new Busa on the road, then the zx-14.
  7. No probs mate..

    Mate the new busa with a set of tri acropovics on it will look awesome.. Those stock cans are hideous.. :LOL:

    The 14 with the TBR pipes looks the best and sounds awesome, but i am not biased.. :p

    As for the B King, well i am still very unsure about that bike.. :shock:

    So i say go the 14, not many on the rd like the busa, and never will be. They are unique.. :twisted:
  8. Guess the '07 R1 just ain't fast enough? :wink: