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thoughts on the Burning of the aussie flag ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Just saw a protester in brisbane on the news burn an aussie flag on australia day ... what are your thoughts on this ? seems Qld is the only state in OZ where it hasnt been outlawed yet

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: i know what my thoughts are :twisted: :twisted:

  2. To steal something from the west wing which was put a lot better then I put.

    When you can burn your national flag in protest and not get arrested for it, its truly a free country.
  3. or a stupid one

    this is the same country where it is unconstitutional to require compulsory participation in the democratic process, because it might infringe on someone's right to choose to vote, or not

  4. Shoot em on site :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. Definately shot on sight, too many people have died for that flag.
  6. It's only a flag folks.
    It is done by small minded people to incite a reaction.
    Best to get their flag and burn it back if you feel that strongly about it.
    It's not a particularly striking symbol of our country anyway. It reminds us we are under a British commonwealth. It was designed 2 centuries ago, by old men with a mindset like John Howard. God help us.

    (Gets asbestos suit ready)
  7. Obviously you havent had relatives die under that flag defending the country you live in
  8. I have, but then I know they were fighting for the spirit of australia rather then simply a flag. They were fighting for the mate beside them, and their family's and towns at home, rather then for 'queen and country'.

    But then, I haven't served under the flag in our armed forces so thats just my opinion.
  9. I wouldn't recommend it. It has started raining a bit but a total fire ban is a total fire ban. :cool: :LOL:
  10. So what should we have as our flag, that would suit those who deny our heritage and history?

    Red over black?

    The rising sun, in honour of all the japanese bikes we buy?

    The chinese flag, because of the imported goods manufactured there, instead of here, as used to be?

    And what if that balance changes again in ten or twenty years? Shall we change it again??

    Those who demean our flag and its representation of our heritage have other, more sinister motives.
  11. well said , i am not personally a fan of the flag as it is but would never ever consider changing it , due to the history and lives that it has seen go by
  12. if 'they' dont like the Australian flag they need to do something constructive like perhaps design a new 1. :LOL:

    if 'They' dont like the country then they can leave. no point cryin about it (perhaps move to new zealand where hating Australia mite be considered cool).

    'i dont live in Australia......... AUSTRALIA LIVES IN ME!!!!'
  13. Well then I guess our flag should be the southern cross with the aboriginal flag in the corner perhaps?

    Oh of course never mind put the english flag, they discovered australia. Wouldn't want to miss represent our heritage, there might be some sinister motives in it.

    P.s. I'm not arguing the flag is totally insignificant, but rather people should have the right to protest in whichever way they want.
  14. Have ICORPS assign Captain Willard on another "Mission". :cool:
  15. They did?
    The Aborigines and the Dutch may have something to say about that.
  16. I believe that was my point :roll:
  17. They do?
    Care to elaborate?
  18. Meh, a flag has only as much meaning as you choose to give it.

    Like anything, if you take it too seriously you end up with stomach ulcers and it's much easier to get a rise out of you or offend you.

    I dearesay though that this chump has found a very quick way onto the front page of the 'OMIGAWWWD' papers and into the news headlines. Sad really, he probably doesn't deserve it.
  19. No he doesnt deserve the exposure ... it was an aboriginal demonstration against australia day and all for invasion day ..... but i just know he will be the 1st one in line at centrelink on monday looking for his welfare cheque from the "australian " gov.
  20. If i ever saw someone burn our flag id do my best to see them suffer the same fate... :twisted:

    There is no possible argument to justify doing such a thing. Im not saying our country is perfect and i think theres ALOT of things that need improving but there is still no place id rather be. That flag is still the symbol of our country and i personally hope that it always is.