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Thoughts on the Buell XB9R firebolt

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hally, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Im upgrading bikes early next year and was wondering what people know out there about the Buell XB9R firebolt.

    Im wondering about things things like
    - How mechanicaly reliable are they?
    - Do they leak heaps of oil?
    - How thirsty is the fuel consumption?
    - Parts and service hard to find or expensive?
    - I can ride my 250 hornet hard but is the 900cc to big of a step up?

    I have a company car so my riding is just for weekend fun, But i would still like to do longer trips, track days as well as the day trips to the twisties.

    If the Buell turns out to be too much of a beast to tame then my second option would be a CBR600RR and then the Buell later on i think.
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  3. 3.5 months.

    The 1125R is due in Australia. Engine by Bombardier-Rotax 120+ ponies
    Looks the business.

    And only $17,500 +ORC :grin:
  4. Long wheelbase for a Buell though Vic. And the short wheelbase seems to be one of the few things that recommend the old ones. Will the 1125R corner like the old XB12R jobbie? Only time and gratuitous test rides will tell. I'm happy to put may hand up. :)
  5. hi loz,

    yeah i read that review the other day and pissed myself laughing! Sounds like it was a fun ride.

    Vic are you pulling my leg? 17.5K + ORC thats insane! Maybe i should start saving my bickies for that then. Bombardier-rotax arn't they the dudes who do the supercharged engine's for sea-doo jetski's and jet boats? ( Used to own a 3 seater sea-doo jetski awesome fun)

    The hornet ive got now has been turned into a bit of a street fighter. I like the upright position and the street fighter look. Im thinking of the XB9R cause its still a bit street fighter and id like advantage of the the windscreen.
  6. if i was you i would stick too somthing more reliable....my cousin had 1 and he had plent of problems with it......go with something more reliable like, i dont know maybe a hornet 900 \:D/ \:D/

    cant been bang for your buck and honda reliability..

    p.s and they make jet engines for learjets too..weeeeeeeeeeeeee.. [-X
  7. yeah i need to test ride the hornet 900 to see what all the fuss is about.
    i love my 250 and really am a little hesitant about parting with it but i need/want more power and there is just no other answer.

    The only thing i have against getting another hornet (besides wanting something different and a little more exotic) is that i then have to go buy all the custom bits and street fighter it up again.
    The buell already looks mean, sounds mean its just kinda buy it, ride it and be happy. Plus i love the idea of no chain! means no more frigin lube, clips flying off or tension adjustments :cool:
  8. i was in the same dilemma a few months ago.......couldn't decide which bike to get....i spose at the end of the day there are no bad bikes out there it just depends what you want it for....i rode a vtr 250 when on my l's and i just love beeing naked....so my choice for style of bike was easy..naked. then deciding which naked..loz has always loved his hornet before he wrote it off and jeff just cant stop raving about the thing...so i just had to have a ride so i lined up a test at peter Steven's and after a ride i just loved the thing so much i brought one....so look at what you intend to do with the thing....if it is to commute then something reliable and fun on the weekends....if it is just for the weekend then it just has to been fun...but like everyone says go test ride what you want and when you have test rode a few there is always (to me at least) one that screams at you. you are made for this bike :moped:
  9. Yeah ahhh ....... nah im just not a scooter fag kinda guy unfortunately.
    Im just a tad annoyed with the whole chain idea because of my current problems, hope fully in round about a weeks time that will all be sorted after a real mechanic works on my bike not some frigin apprentice from peter stevens who wouldn't know a bike from a scooter!

    As i said earlier The bike is only gona be for weekend fun, the occasional long trip and track day's (when i get the time).

    My real dilemma in choice of next bike is clinical, precise, supersport or big loud beefy Buell. I love both of em and Only test rides will tell i guess.

    thanks for the info/thoughts guys
  10. This is what a dealer sent back to me after I asked the Q.

    1125R RRP is expected to be $17,495 & orc's. HD Australia are still working
    on a March 2008 release date. It's likely that demand will exceed supply, at
    least initially. To get one for yourself you'll probably need to place a
    forward order & deposit with a dealer. You can do that with us if you wish.
    If you have any further queries please call us direct on
  11. Thats seems like a good price to me, but i havn't really looked around a lot at other 900's.

    Does anyone know if they have made any significant improvements since the 2003 model? or if there is any major problem with that year of the XB9R??
  12. Hally,

    They are reliable enough for a weekend ride, but I wouldn't wan to count on one for everyday.

    They are tall, so that will be what you notice most about the upgrade. You wont be troubled by the power. In fact you will wish you had the 12 not long after getting it. Still, the conversion is not that expensive.
  13. Hally,

    They are reliable enough for a weekend ride, but I wouldn't wan to count on one for everyday.

    They are tall, so that will be what you notice most about the upgrade. You wont be troubled by the power. In fact you will wish you had the 12 not long after getting it. Still, the conversion is not that expensive.

    Vic, you need to add "ugly as a hat full of busted arse holes" to the spec of the 1125R
  14. Sorry, I thought it was a given ;)
  15. Every year has been better than the previous one, mostly in terms of design faults and weaknesses being fixed, and a few cosmetic improvements.
    Shame they didn't get things right before letting it out on the streets, but they're not alone in that.
    By all accounts, 12 performs significantly better than 9 - enough to change your mind.
  16. ha ha....there's some scooters (Suzuki Burgman / Yamaha T-Max) out there that are good for 180kph+ which is more than your current poo ride (and close to what you're expecting from a Buell)

    Anyway my cents worth: save some bucks and have something with more Street Cred than a Buell..... Triumph Street Triple. Hands down better in every way IMHO.
  17. Buels seem so tiny they look funny. Like a 900cc engine somehow crammed into a 250cc frame.
  18. Yeah cool,

    I think a hat full of busted arse holes describes the look of it perfectly! hahaha

    It's good to know they are tall cause im about 6 foot and have long legs.
    I went to oberon via bells line and the caves yesterday and on the longer stints we did found that my legs were not enjoying the very bent position on the 250 hornet, even though they are one of the biggest frame and wheel size for a 250 out there.

    As for getting the 1125 im just not sure on the weight cause i only weigh 70 Kg's. So the big heavy bike isn't really what im after cause i wont be able to do shit with it in the corners.

    There was a guy who came along yesterday on a street tripple about 4 months old. The tail is a little short for my liking but dont mind the look of em and it looked great through the corners, really held its line well. 1050cc i think he said it was. seemed to have plenty of punch anyway.

    Ive always liked the street tripple as well, love the tube style frame. The guy had a matt black one and it looked sweet as in fact ive got a pic

    And as for the Buell im looking at

    Although by the sound of things im better saving my money to buy one new off the floor as goin for the older model's sounds like it equals more problems.

    and i knew that scooter comment would get me in trouble with someone!