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Thoughts on the 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6...?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FLYREX, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just registered as a forum member and thought I'd say a quick hello and ask a question you knowledgeable folk might be able to help me with.

    My name is Narinder, I live in Melbourne and I currently drive a 2005 WRX. I don't have a bike at the moment but I'm looking at getting a new bike very soon.... as the topic would suggest, I'm looking at the 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6.

    Do any of you have this bike or something similar?

    I'd appreciate any feedback on pros/cons of this bike including comparisons to other similar bikes out there, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 for example and even what I should expect to pay drive away.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback and I look forward to having some fun on these forums...... :)
  2. +100 hits and not a single reply :?:
  3. we are afraid that your a spammer. if you can proof your genuinety, e.g. a pic of you with your wrx that would be great
  4. This may be silly, but have you ridden a bike before?
  5. I need to post 5 times before I can post a pic so please excuse the next couple of posts.
  6. LOL, I definately drive a WRX..... I'm a member of the WRX club and we went for a cruise around the bay last Sunday. I was a committee member (and hence forum moderator) until a few months ago so I know the issue of forum spammers all too well. I use the same forum name on the WRX club forums so feel free to give me a yell over there if you're still not convinced.

    Here's a couple of pics we took on Sunday... my car is the silver MY05 WRX.



    Anyway, I am serious about the bike. I used to ride a friends CBR 250 a few years ago but I broke my collar bone high siding the bike. So I haven't ridden in about 3 years but I'm getting the urge to ride again so I thought I 'd jump on here and get some opinions.

    Never really riden a big bike before so I thought it would be good to get some real advice instead of the crap you hear from a salesman.
  7. If your a mod you know how annoying it is if you post crap ;-)

    Having a WRX means nothing in the bike world. Actually in the car world either. I had 2 and would never buy one again but thats just my preference.

    Its hard to say if you should or shouldnt, but one thing you have to look at realistically is that if you crashed a 250, you will probably crash a 600 as well. I dont mean this disrespectfully but it is something to consider.

    250's are very forgining, so are 400's. 600's well it depends on how hard your pushing it but one things for sure, I would hate to see anyone crash a brand new 600.

    The choice is yours on what Capacity you go for, but I would suggest something smaller to get back into the groove with, especially since you never owned your own bike

    The good thing about 250's and 400's is you can use it for 6-12 months and sell it with no real loss. And if you do get into a spot of trouble, its less likly you will be doing stupid speeds.

    Learn to walk before you can run. Master walking before you try and run.

    Learn right and you will have all the time in the world to upgrade and live to enjoy it.

    Check out motorcycle usa for a comparo. Its pretty much spot on
  8. My advise? Get the r6 as it sounds like thats your preference?

    But get an 2003 in great nic and low kms for 9000, with a pipe and oggies. You'll save yourself 5000+ and IF you drop it, it won't hurt quite so much. The 03 are just as powerful (give or take some go faster stripes and stupidly minor differences in HP), on the street it might as well be the same bike.

    There are several write ups and comparisons between the big 4 - r6, zx6r, gsxr and cbr600r, some on this forum and many others on the web, have a search.
  9. +1
    Sounds like you are afta a weekend toy.
    Geta R6 in good nick polish it to death. it looks the shit compared to other bikes.
  10. In the last couple of weeks leading up to me getting my new bike, I had the chance to test ride an '06 R6.

    It was the last of the 3 bikes I took - cbr600 07, cbr1000 07, and the r6.

    I found that being a big guy around 100kg it was a bit cramped. I felt like I was sitting very far forward all the time, and when braking hard I kept thinking Ill go over. Also, it gave me the impression that you need to ring its neck all the time to get somewhere - something the cbr600 and of course cbr1000 didnt have a problem with.

    Other than that, great looking bike, goes quite hard, but screams to be thrashed :wink:

    Oooh and also it gives off a bit of heat - not sure how well that would go down in summer cruising through the city.

    These are just my thoughts, im sure people will disagree :p

    Test ride them all before you buy! Best advice I ever got!!!

  11. hey, hey! Finally we get some feedback :grin:

    I used to ride a bit a few years ago and to be honest, when I crashed it was more a case of getting comfortable with the power of the 250 and just getting plain cocky. I pushed the bike to its limit, or should I say beyond its limit and payed the price for it.

    It's been a few years since and I'm definately much more mature about it now. Even having my rexy has taught me a lot about being sensible with the power and speed you have available to you. I spent a few months slowly running my car in and learning the car before I started to see what it could really do. So if I did go out and get a 600 I'd take a lot of this on board before I started pushing myself or the bike.

    I've read a few reviews and articles on the R6, searched on forums and many people have said that the bike doesn't go that hard unless you wind it up so I figure this is probably a good thing since I haven't been on in a while. Most people said this was a great bike for beginners or even experienced riders wanting some real speed. It has said to be one of the best value 600's on the market at the moment so I've been doing my research. Although it helps getting feedback from people who are actually riding these things on the roads not just trying to sell 'em.

    .... And besides, the bike looks the goods :grin: :twisted:
  12. i have an 07 red and white r6,and i love it,the only criticism i have of the bike is being a little bit doughy down low. I can also see for a bigger guy it might be a little bit cramped cause im only 5 foot 8" it suits me fine and handles like its on rails. However before you decide to buy one i would atleast test ride a triumph daytona 675 cause ive heard nothing but good reviews on them.
  13. Hey guys,

    Thought I'd take a bit of your advice on board so I've started to look at some 250's out there.

    I've found an '05 Honda VTR 250 going for ~$5K. It's got ~9000km on the dial and a few scratches on the side of the tank as it's been dropped, but otherwise it's in good nick.

    Is this a reasonable price for an '05 version?
  14. Probably a good move on the 250, Im with Sucram on this one, unless you can trust yourself to keep the throttle wound down theres no point to getting a 600 at the moment.

    Plus, if you wish to learn to ride better and push the bike more towards its limits, its wise to get the 250 first.

    These are the redbook details for the vtr250 for you

    Trade in price guide $3,300 - $4,000
    National average price - private sale $4,800 - $5,600
    Price when new (RRP) $7,990

    Not sure if these include stamp duty and ORC, perhaps someone could confirm this.

  15. The price on the new VTR250 is 7990 + ORC.

    They are great bikes as I obviously have 1.

    At the moment they hold their value really well. Quite often a 2nd hand bike you buy now you will sell for pretty much what you paid in 12 months time. The only concern at the moment is what is happening with LAMS July next year.

    Im not sure if you know about LAMS or not, but that is a power to weight rates thingy that will actually allow new riders ride bigger bore bikes. Some 500's, etc...... If will also rule out some of the 2 stroke bikes.
  16. I just come back from a Yamaha dealer (window shopping) and found out that the 2007 R6 is now cheaper ($13,000 + ORC) due to the 2008 R6 comming very soon. So now is the time to buy a new 07 model if thats what your after! Im sure you can really haggle the price and a deal with extras if they Yamaha are over stocked with 07's.

    Oh and I was told the Black & Red/white ones are the over stocked units.

    Also the R1's are getting the same treatment, looks like Yamaha hasnt sold as many as they would have liked...
  17. Hm...I got a quote before for $14600 ride away with Yoshi pipe. Looks like I might be able to get a better deal for myself. Hopefully I get my money this week and get myself a dream bike.