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Thoughts on Schuberth & Icon?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by aokman, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Howdy all,

    Just wanted to get opinions on 2 helmets i was looking at, very different in style though but both rate very highly. Currently im using the Shoei XR1100, fits great, good quality but the the wind noise is driving me nuts so im going to get something else.

    Just curious if anyone has first hand experience with either, will be used for street riding, no track work.

    First up the Schuberth C3, i like this being German quality, flip up seems nice and i like the drop down tinted visor.


    Another one i was looking at is the Icon Variant Carbon, not sure what the wind noise is like on this one though but i am a big fan of Icon's gear?


    I am aware that neither will have SAI stickers fitted but im not really worried about that, not going to let that limit my choices to local stuff.
  2. the variant is sold here. (but i've never seen a carbon one in a store.)
    but if you slapped a sticker on it, can say you bought it here.

    the schuberth is not sold here. so even with a sticker it's still a bit sus.

    you need the sticker to avoid a fine if you are in Vic.
    police just got real anal down here towards motorbikes. they will ping you for anything they can.
  3. actually, what am i saying. they would'nt have a ****ing clue if schubys are sold here.
    but i'd still whack a sticker on it.
    just grab one of a bicycle helmet or something.
  4. Thanks for the reply :) mind if i ask where you saw the Icon Variant non-carbon? i have spoken to Icon and they cant give me firm suppliers for their products in Australia which is disappointing :( Apparently the Schuberth was sold as a BMW helmet but not anymore?
  5. Helmet warehouse used to carry the icon
  6. thanks for that, unfortunately they don't carry the variants, not anymore anyway :(

    Schuberth also aren't available here, really frustrates me that there are good helmets out there that cant be used because of Australia's bureaucratic crap. No way i will foot the bill on another expensive helmet unless i know it will be quiet [-(
  7. There's been many many discussions on here about whether helmets are identical between countries and whatnot, personally I'd rather not risk it but sometimes the savings...oh the savings
  8. Savings are of no concern to me really, safety and protecting hearing are, i just want a helmet that is quiet and comfortable and i hate the thought of being told what i can and can't have :(, i have tried Shoei and Arai which are rated among the best and i have been seriously disappointed in both.
  9. Well that's cool but there are safety concerns too. Some people say that helmets from other countries are exactly the same as the same model made here, some say otherwise. Personally I wouldn't put it past corporations to save 50c a helmet by not bothering to engineer it for standards they don't intend it to need to pass.
  10. very true, hard to believe a $200 chinese helmet that can pass Australian standards can't be beaten by a $700 German helmet from a well known manufacturer though :-s
  11. Bikemart in Ringwood have a few icon variants.
    probably not much range in sizing/designs. i don't think they sell many.

    as for noise, i'd expect it to be real loud with all the vents full open.
    dose'nt look too indifferent to an airframe, but even more venting.
    it's good and bad. great for summer, but might suck in a bee or something.
    you will need earpugs.

    if you want quiet and venting, you"ll be needing a top shelf shoei
  12. Is there many Shoei's higher than the XR1100, i have that currently and its like a wind tunnel :(

    Apparently the Schuberth is the quietest on the market and can be used without earplugs.

    I shall check out bikemart aswell :)
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  13. noise is more than just the helmet

    body position , wind turbulence around you , fairings, windscreens , fit of helmet , design of helmet
  14. A mate of mine wears a Schuberth - carried it in with him on his return from Canada. It's a outstanding helmet and as aokman reports, extremely quiet.

  15. yeah i know, doesn't help i ride naked bikes. Helmet fit is great, Shoei was an excellent fit for me, my friend also warned me about the noise of XR1100, should have listened haha :nopity:
  16. It's not about price, it's about the differences between the standards. The Australian standards are harder to pass. Check out the safety ratings on this site http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/ it's surprising how many cheap helmets rank high
  17. do you wear ear plugs?
  18. mmm its a bit more complicated and im open minded to it, after reviewing a few standards ive found some are harder to pass than Australian standards in different areas, its give and take really, apparently the penetration test is the hardest / shell thickness. Both of those helmets are US DOT and ECE 22.05 certified

    i do however i always have issues with ear plugs getting good seal constantly, always have to pull over and readjust and mess around if im going for a quick ride. I am putting up with it but id prefer a better solution :)

    I sent a email to Schuberth, see what they say :)
  19. After getting some messages from members im going to try some molded earplugs and see if they help, otherwise ill just get the Schuberth regardless of the regs...

    Have to say the Shoei XR1100 is really a big letdown, i actually took the time to try adjusting the visor over and over for an hr today and could not get it to seal properly all around, ontop of this the adjustment screws are aluminum and stripped the heads ridiculously quick.
  20. @aokman what did you end up doing here mate?.

    Import a Schberth?.