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Thoughts on my DRZ400SM

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vicj0r, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. From a 'new to bikes' guy with three months and around 3000kms under his belt.

    The DRZ400SM is my first bike and I would compare it to owning a 250cc learner sportsbike except that it is way more fun.

    It does not have a lot of HP :(

    and its max speed is not very high :(

    but it still goes alright :) up to about 120kph

    I have made a lot mistakes on my bike and each time having less HP at the time prolly saved my skin. :)

    But less HP is also sad because even though I don't ride anywhere near as fast as a skilled rider could, I still find myself wanting more power for dumb squirts and sweeping corners. :-k It's not a sports bike and doesn't transform into one when you want :(

    Ironically, my bike is fastest in streets that have traffic calming mechanisms installed. The more chicanes, speed bumps and mini roundabouts the more the road starts to resemble a supermotard track which makes my bike go faster ... for some reason. :tantrum:

    I have to rev it hard and clutch it to wheelie ... I've had a few scares :shock: Cover the brake!!!

    Recently I removed some go slower parts from the airbox, and was pleased with the change in feel this gave my bike. :)

    I have read that re-jetting the carb along with this modification transforms the bike. :twisted: It's a cheap mod so I might get it done and that ought to satisfy me for at least another six months and in which time I'll be looking to upgrade.

    My final destination as far as bikes go (aka dream bike that doesn't exist yet) is a road ready Aprilia SXV with a light fairing, comfier seat and a top out speed around 180. Or an Aprilia Strada (sexy bike) but with a twin or Triple engine instead of a single. Yeah gimme that =P~
  2. DRZ's are great bikes. and the SM in black looks fantastic :cool:

    I've ridden the yellow dual sport DRZ and really enjoyed it but not that great on the highway.

    Yes, you can drill the airbox, rejet and different exhaust will get you a few extra HP

    The SXV is a kick a$$ bike - first small VTwin, but also has a heavy maintenance schedule with new pistons required at ridiculous timeframes, so not really made as a commuter. Plus a tiny 7 litre tank shows what it is meant for.

    The Strada is much more commuter friendly but some 40kg's heavier
  3. Hmmm i was seriously considering getting a new DRZ400SM but if it's as lack luster as you say (RE: HP) then maybe its not worth it. My old TTR250 which i got bored of very quickly could do 120km/h but was gutless after that. so if thats all the DRZ400SM seems to have maybe either a sports bike or a more exotic motard is the may to go.

    Does any one know the HP figures of the husqvarna SM450R or SM510R and there top speeds? (yes i know it is not normally that important but i dont want a bike that is gutless on the highway).



    (oh by the way did you end up rejetting your carb and doing the airbox trick? did it make much of an improvement?)
  4. Thanks for the write up, I'm considering a DRZ400sm.

    I think a lot of people get bored of their first, underpowered bike, and are left wanting to try something with more go. As soon as you can't push it anymore (which happens quickly), you want something to challenge you again.

    I've found on faster bikes though (i'm talking modern 600 sportsbikes), even when you're greatly exceeding the limit you don't feel like you're going fast.

    Even my slow old hack is approaching the limit of power and handling you can use on the street.

    Fast bikes are boring... on the street at least.

    I think if you ever replace the DRZ you'll regret it once you get over your new bikes power. Unless you buy another motard.
  5. Can anyone tell me the actual differences between the three DRZ400 models? What is lacking in the SM to convert it to a dirt bike? Or vice versa with the dirt bikes? 3 models of the same bike, all at different prices. :?
  6. The DRZ400e is a lot less restricted than the SM version. I'm unsure if you can simple remove these restrictions, or if it requires replacement parts (eg inlet manifolds). The USD forks of the SM version aren't really going to make a difference to handling.

    vicj0r, if you're worried about the top end speed of the DRZ400, then maybe a motard isn't for you... Motards are all about cornering speed and lean angle. As you say, they're the most fun in suburban traffic calmed street. I ride an XT600 (not motarded) but have an absolute blast just commuting and riding around town. sure, i get left behind on long sweepers, but 90% of the extreme fun i have is not in licence losing territory, unlike my friends on supersport 600's (and my 90% is a lot more than their 90%!).

    The DRZ is a pretty practical bike. service interval is sensible, yet still have plenty of power to keep you entertained. A mate of mine has a DRZ400e with motard wheels - he's been riding for over 30 years and keeps up with anyone.

    More power does not always equal more fun.

    As other have said, the SXV is a racebike. have not ridden one, but they are apparently uncomfortable. add that to the extreme servicing requirements means that you'd most likely get quickly sick of it if it was your only bike, and used as a commuter.

  7. That's so true. I passed a bloke on a motard yesterday at macquarie pass, he had his leg out, sitting bolt upright, the bike tipping right over underneath him, going sideways around hairpin turns.

    Man that looked AWESOME!
  8. i rode a drz400e fitted with gold excel motard rims for 2 years. it was a great first bike to learn on and i relate to the near misses vicjor has had. yes they r an awsome bike for twisties and around town, but my priorities changed to more highway use and the trumpy rules in that area. at the end of the day your bike has to suit the terrain you use it on. its no use having a kick ass 250cc trailbike if your commuting 30 mins to work on the highway.
  9. They're race bikes, you want them for anything else look at the Husky 610 models, these are the only ones with normal schedules (5,000kms) and have 53hp in 140kg frames

    I've just come back from Coffs - 700kms up and just under 600kms back - fun bike, you don't need to go faster than 135kms when the vibes start to take over. Fuel range is related to how you ride. For 150kms along Thunderbolts Way I used 11.2 litres and along the boring Pacific Hwy used 8.5 for same distance.

    Where you at?
  10. Yeah cheers. i have been doing more research and i dont think the SM450/510R would suit but if the SM610 is more reliable with better servicing than that maybe the ticket. do you have any idea what they retail for?

    I live in Tasmania by the way (Hobart)

  11. They're a bit deaer than the TE610

    My dealer would sell one for under $13K on the road with the upgraded seat (about $400) which is a must have and also barkbusters. Have seen them go on ebay for around $10k though.

    Don't know how well the dealer network is in Tassie - I got a great workshop even though it's 85kms ride each way. They only sell Husky's so worth it to me as I can ring up and talk to the mechanic with my dumbar$e questions :oops:

    Two year unlimited km warranty and mine's got 3,800km now and not one issue mechanically - thoroughly recommend them.

    As these bikes are pretty rare, not much info on Aussie Forums - for more info - check out this place

  12. so right. I have a DR650. More HP then 400 for sure. Still lacking in the power department compared to the sports bike. Which prompted me to put down a deposit on a new 750 and start selling my DR. But riding the DR I sometimes catch myself having too much fun and being safe at the same time. Whereas sports bike would've been going way too fast. Sometimes I really enjoy it. Especially in town. On the country roads though it's drag. I'm always left behind.
  13. Cheers i went back down to my local dealer (and only dealer) and he said he could do a SM610 for $13,400 on road ot a TE610 for $12,200. The other bike i have been looking is the KTM 640 LC4 Supermoto. They are hard to find new but i have found one and i can get it delivered and onroad for $11,800 (old floor stock from a KT store in melbourne)

    If anyone can give me a heads up on either bike i would appreciate it.

    Toecutter could you PM me the service intervals for your TE610 if its not to much trouble and also things like when they recoment new bearings, rod, piston ect.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Az you've hit on a great point. People often overlook service intervals, not a big hassle for weekend warriers but for real world riders it can be painful.

    I have heard that motards require a lot of servicing, but that is I have heard not I know. :grin:
  15. I've ridden the KTM Adventure (same engine as the LC4) - good power but BIG throbbing vibrations pretty much throughout the rev range. Felt like riding a tank. There are quite a few for sale, and you could easily get one under $10K a year or two old and probably get a test ride. The owner rode mine and was very impressed. KTM's are cheap now because a new model is coming out end of the year. But Husky's main advanatges is six speed box - top gear is a true overdrive and easily cruises on 125.

    Service intervals are 1,000, 5,000 then every 5,000. Valves are done every service and cost for my 1,000 was around $280. I changed my oil at 500 and 3,000 and will continue in the middle of each service - takes 15 minutes and cost $50 for fully synth oil and filter.

    Don't confuse the 610's with the other Husky models in regards to engine rebuilds - no need to wory about that, there's a reason why they are 25kg's heavier :cool:

    Did literally dozens of hours research, rode plenty of bikes and still think I made the best choice after two 1,000+km trips
  16. KTM 640's, DRZ400 both normal - 5,000kms. Can't think of any others at the moment. Shame BMW didn't bring the xMoto here - 10,000km service intervals on the xChallenge :shock:
  17. I think my arm has been twisted :p :LOL: (in a good way)

    After hearing the no rebuild bit im sold lol.

    I dont mind the extra oil changes, hell i drive an RX3 Bridgeport that needs an oil change every 2000kms and race fuel premixed with 2 stroke to get it running sweet and for the maximum engine life. Maintenance on fun toys doesnt bother me. i just didnt want to buy a weapon of a bike to use as a daily with a thirst for consumables and parts :p

    I might see if can test ride a KTM 640 SM just so i can get a feel for the different bikes but i think the Husky SM610 maybe the bike for me :twisted:

    Now for the hard part. The facroty red/white colours or go the black stealth look :?: :twisted:

    Cheers for all the info

  18. Definitely test ride the KTM

    And no need for the extra oil changes in the middle of each service interval - I just do them.

    And in regards to colours, no choice there, the titanium is definitely the go :cool:
  19. Only if its a short stroke engine - ie race breed.

    The larger capacity (heavier) bikes like the KTM640 (LC4 Engine) etc are normal service intervals.