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Thoughts on LAMS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, May 10, 2011.

  1. After been through the LAMS scheme in the last 1.5 years to 2 years, I'd like to say what a relief it is that it's over.

    I have just purchased a late model 600cc sports bike.

    What a difference. Jumping from a 125 to 600 with around 5x the power - I don't know what use a 1000cc is for the roads. Every single gear has so much power - I have trouble choosing! Whereas with my old bike I had to always keep it near the redline to get enough power, especially up hills.

    Anyway - point of the thread:
    I feel sorry for the LAMS people who have to stay on for 3 years. I finally feel like a real motorcyclist.

    I feel so much freedom in not only whilst riding, but the freedom to sell my 600 any time I want, and try out another style of bike!

    Thanks for reading,
    A happy full licensed biker

  2. once you start riding your 600 hard you will find it is exactly like your 125. if its in the wrong gear it doesnt go.

    im just off lams too, but my LAMs bike was cool. and powerful.

  3. I agree that the power difference is huge, you will get used to it though. Important to remember that you have just taken a substantial step up and make sure you are respectfull to the throttle. Your new bike is a very different beast to what you are used to and certainly alot less forgiving. When it goes bad it can go really bad.

    I also agree that "most" poeple can not utilise the power of 1000 sports bike on the road either due to lack of skill or that annoying that keeps getting in the way (law). A lot of people seem to prefer a litre bike for commuting and daily use. They are bit easier to ride if you want to be lazy with gears. For people who are a truly accomplished riders, they seem to be the ultimate weapon on the road or on the track. But there certainly is and I believe always will be a place in the market for 1000cc bikes.

    Mate, please be carefull on your new toy and I hope you have loads of fun.
    Throw some pics up lets have a look at your ride.
  4. I know it sucks when the head and heart want the best sexiest looking ride and your stuck on a ..... well less than a dreamer.
    Realistically ask yourself .... how long would my new sexy 600 have looked new and sexy if it was your first bike.
    And would you have lived to taste the true passion and brawn of a thou.
    I love the 600's. They corner on rails. There incredibly fast and just a joy to toss around.
    Have a hoot mate ... track days here we come.
  5. Remember that LAMS does allow for a decent power though. Lots of fairly grunty 400cc+ bikes out there on the LAMs list.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, if it wasn't for this winter early night fall I'd be able to get some pics, I'll post in the New Rides area when I can take some photos

    Damn the bike is awesome...

    It has really breathed a whole new breathe of fresh air into riding. I have a feeling you're right, I may get used to it, but havin said that, I don't think there is a place on the road for this POWER. Track for sure once I've done some lessons and get more experience on the new crotch rocket!!!
  7. meh, they arent that grunty. the road is fine, you just have to pick the right places to use it :D
  8. It's all contextual, all in the head. Before LAMS, a middle-weight bike was bigger than apparently it is now :-s Years ago, a 'middle-weight' bike was not that, it was a big bike.
  9. I'm still finding my little 250 enjoyable after 20,000kms :D
    Will be nice to be able to ride something a bit more powerful however I find it fun being able to use all the RPM though. It would be strange riding a litre bike and having 10,000rpm as basically the no-go zone (in terms of license loss for the speed you'd be doing)
  10. Congrats on moving up to your opens. :)

    Though I ought to say, LAMS doesn't have to be 13hp 125cc; The whole point of replacing the old "250cc max" rule with LAMS was to permit up to about 50hp, up to 650cc so riders had more options than just the tiny screamers. :)
  11. It's not really a fair comparison, you could have ridden the 125 under the old system, people who buy CB400's, RVF400's & older 500/650's are taking advantage of the situation & a lot of them would have had a much better experience than you. My 6 or so months on a LAMS bike (CX500) was a great step up from my old 250.
  12. y bother with a heavily restgricted 650 ur getting a bigger ehavier bike with the same power as a early 90s 250 4 banger? my best mate has a 2009 er6nl i own varius bikes among others a 1998 gsx250f across aprt from low down tourqe he has nothing on my little zuki 4 banger. im still on my p's and have bin riding a sport bike with over 110horse at the wheel for about 6 months now as i do alot of long distance riding and anything under 65 hp dont cut it for touring a 125 is just a fancy looking moterised pushbike lets be fair most my friends baught the cbr125rs cause they looked cool and were over them in matter of weeks if not days my first bie was a zongshen 250 storm sport tourer which didnt have any more speed then a 125 but much much more touqe bigger bike much more stable much nicer engine tone brakes suspention ect. i have ridden every lams approved sport bike bar the really older ones an a ducati 600ss and without a doubt the two best allrounders were the duc 400monster and either the gsx250f and the zzzr250r. lams bassically boils down to either an old fast lams bike a new avrage bike and a new semi powerful resticted bike. unless u got a hyo and a hacksaw then u got an 80hp lams bike :)
  13. Say again? I missed most of that...

    Paragraphs, spelling & grammar need some work, but welcome to Netrider.
  14. Somehow I managed to read what you wrote.

  15. Wall of txt crits M_N for 9999! Welcome to NR, use enter button next time. kthxbai.

    @Biker Boy: aren't you on a restricted license? What would you know about unrestricted motocycles?

    LAMs is a good law, up to a point. If the LAMs period is too lengthy, you get people who either ride out of class or start doing things on LAMs bikes, they were never designed to do.

    @OP: congrats on graduating to your fulls... I'm counting the days... But i've still got 9 months or something :'(
  16. My big concern is what happens in three or four years to all these fandangled electronics ???? Most of my laptops and other electronic toys stuff up in that time.
    How much is it going to cost to replace them ??? The mind boggles. A basic ECU these days is the best part of $1,400.
    And it will just increase the initial purchase price on a bike.
    I hate the bloody linked brakes on my Viffer. But in saying that the ABS TC DSC systems do work. But at the cost of feel for the rider.
    Lets just hope the manufactures leave us the option.
  17. Just to jump in here - the software and programming used on microcontrollers in equipment such as bikes for the ECU and associated control systems is very different to your home PC. Ok ultimately it is 1s and 0s, however it is a bit of electronics designed for a very specific purpose rather than general purpose. The design is to do a few things, do them well and have a limited number of possible states. As such, these things do not "wear out" (well not in any reasonable time period) or randomly crash. They do not need replacing every few years.

    The biggest risk to the ECU would likely be an errant voltage spike from the battery or stator frying it at some point. This would be rare - especially any significant spike which is enough to cause damage.
  18. Not rare enough in my books, my R/R unit failed and fried the ECU (warranty claim thank goodness). So far it's been 5 weeks waiting to get her back on the road. Hopefuly the new ECU coming from Triumph should arrive next week (expected shipping time from the UK is 3 weeks).

    Adding to adprom's post, crashes akin to a PC cannot be directly corrolated with dedicated hardware such as an ECU. PC's by their very design allow for almost limitless customising through add-in boards, memory etc. As such, the possibility of every pience of hardware (and software) working faultlessly ALL OF THE TIME is very slim.
  19. Oh god now I am really confused haha. No I hear you adprom. My car is full of it and the car before that and no worries.
    I have had a power commander fail on me though.
    Bikes like the new 1200 Multistrada are just full of electronics. God I want one. But Ducati and electronics are not usually used in one happy sentence.
    Just curious. How many bit processors are they using in them. 8 16 ??? Sheesh on a glorified chook chaser lol.
  20. Good question. As a guess, I would say 16 bit mainly. Gives enough accuracy with the range of values needed to be dealt with. Maybe some of the common ones are 32 bit if they do some more special stuff that requires higher levels of accuracy...