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Thoughts on Lams FZ6r Yamaha

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by popeye1968, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    New to the forum and like countless others getting back on a bike after a long abence (15 or so years)

    I am looking at the 2011 Yamaha FZ6r and was wondering if anybody else on the forum has one, ridden one, consider buying one.

    Any thoughts ,suggestions comments would much apreciated

  2. Welcome to NR, popeye! And welcome back to riding. :D
  3. yeah bro , i got the 2011 , Best ****in bike out .
  4. Have a look at the XJ6SL, its the same bike but with less fairings, plus it has a centre stand..

    Big win is, it retails 2 grand cheaper than the FZ6R
  5. Thats If your On your full licence , both fz6 and the xj6 are non learner legal. Its only the "r" that is.

    I paid 11.000 for mine. Ive had alot of toys in my life , The fz6r Is by far the best thing ive ever spent my money on. I spent over 40 grand on a ss commdore thats brand new and i ride my bike instead, because its no where near as " fun "

    Ive found no issues with my bike. You can always rely on a yamaha.
    Ive derestricted my Fz , So it goes 220 + , Is nice to ride , both long distance and short.
    I could tell you good points about it all day long , but you would never understand until you own one. everywhere I stop , people ask me about it. They all think its the R6 ;)

    If you need to know anything then let me know.
  6. Thanks guys
    Yeah i was actually looking at the xj6 only because I thought I couldn't get a decent sports tourer on LAMS ,then the sales guys said the fz6r is LAMS and the xj6 is not which I thought is a bit stupid ,you know learners drop their bikes hence no fairings not much damage.I guess I was thinking from the customers side but it makes perfect sense from the dealership point of view fairings =$

    I will try and book a test ride some time soon

    Thanks for the comments I will keep you posted on progress
  7. Yah not the first time this has come up, the FZ6r is not "actually" its correct name, on the LAM's list it is the XJSFL, this is from a previous discussion on the matter..

    Originally Posted by shane_rad View Post
    I know the FZ6R is un restricted in Europe and American, The "FZ6R" is the american code for it and the European Code is the XJ6F (f = full flairing).
    Like some of the suzuki bikes , (I think it is the GSX650 FU-i'm unsure) at one stage you could have bought a restricted one and non-restructed one, The Restricted one had the designation "L" so it became GSX650FU "L". If Yamaha went down the same path and used the European Numbers when applying for lams approval you would have the XJ6FL, but try explaining that to someone at a RTA call centre who dosent know and couldn't give a crap.
  8. Can ya check your inbox northcoast rider
    Thanks [=
  9. Starting from 2010, there's an XJ6SL as well as an FZ6R as Lams bikes. The one non-lams are the XJ6S and XJ6N (naked one). All bikes are the same engine, minus the throttle restriction.

    The center stand on the XJ6S is a plus, front fairing is a little different, and the mirrors don't stick out as much as in the FZ6R.
  10. Hi popeye ,if your interested in a LAMS sports tourer check out the GSX650F LAMS model ,they can be had for under $10,000 new ride away and cheaper Used and there pretty bullet proof ,so aslong at it serviced you can get a bargain.

    Here is a forum with all the info you could want on the GSX650F ,its the same bike as the full power just a different ECU ,that restricts it to 7000rpm and top speed of around 140kph from what i've read .


    Ride and many bikes you can and ride any thing ,from dirt bikes to cruisers.. a ride on any bike can change your mind of a brand or style you thought you wanted .
  11. Thanks again guys

    GSX650f restricted ECU too expensive to convert to full power (if you follow my lead)

    XJ6sL not available in melbourne at the moment and they wont be getting anymore according to the dealers

    So i am really keen on the 6r cause i believe given the simplicity of the restriction it is a bike that i could potentially keep for a few years to come and still sell as LAMS when time comes.
    How ever as you guys rightly mentioned the more bikes i get to test ride the more options i get .

    So the mission for now will be to book myself a test ride on the fz6r maybe the kawa 6nr and potentially the gladius 650 (ECU restricted as well ).

    Done cruisers and dirt bikes in my younger years and i think i want something different for now

    I really appreciate your thoughts and comments so please keep them coming

    Ride safe and enjoy

  12. Bought it and love it=D>
    Brand new 2010 Black and gold fz6r
    Picking it up next week
    Unfortunately I can't upload any photos
    I will when I figure it out
  13. Congrats! One of the guys had this as this as his 'tester' during yesterday's P's test. He passed too.

    Beautiful bike, contemplating on getting one myself. Black and gold is gorgeous.
  14. Congrats mate ,enjoy the new ride.
  15. :cry:There she is still in the shop waiting for daddi to pick her up

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  16. I had a ride of my mates FZ6R today. Absolute cracker of a bike. They feel slow until you actually look at the speedo!! The thing was quicker than I thought, and man what a smooth bike to ride.
  17. I have had the fz6r since May 2011 and am loving it. As im on my Ls i needed a lams approved bike but being 6'4" and 100kg i needed a bigger bike rather than a small 250cc. The FZ6R is fantastic great all round bike and on the plus side, you can unrestrict it later down the track.
  18. had my FZ6R (XJ6-FLZ) -- in Red-on-White -- since the start of the year - love it too !! a great ride and excellent balance.... without the weight of the GSX650FU.

    inspected the throttle housing yesterday... if only it was just a screw like the LAMS Ninja 650
  19. I have had this bike since they were released (literally, mine was the first registered in QLD). It is a pretty good bike, once the restriction is taken out. I personally think it was unsafe the way it was. The restriction is overkill, taking roughly half of the power away when un-restricted this bike is only about 5kw/t over the LAMS limit of 150kw/t.

    I have since added a Targa fender eliminator (and LED indicators), Yamaha double bubble screen, flushmount LED indicators, Two Brother exhaust, Two Brothers Juice Box and have some ZX6R mirrors on their way to replace the hideous stock ones. And also got to get around to installing my new grips.

    I really should clean it up and take some updated photos? Once the mirrors/grips are on I guess I will.