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Thoughts on KTM Duke / SMC 690s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Volityl, May 14, 2010.

  1. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with either of these bikes. I'm constantly looking at what bike I'll get next, even right after getting a new one.

    These bikes have caught my eye, but there's not much talk on here about them, or KTMs in general. Or are they regarded as that weird kid everyone tries to pretend doesn't exist?
  2. awesome. if ya got the dosh... get one NOW

    its not a race motard by anymeans but a great alround streetbike. both of em have been known to embarras litre bikes on frequent ocasions

    ktms and singles both rock.

    great quality bikes, ive had a couple of pumpkins.

    id be getting the smc but the duke is a rediculously cool bike though.
  3. The latest AMCN had a review on the 690R Duke, they gave it a pretty good review.
  4. I'm waiting to see the rumoured LC4 powered RC4. Should be all kinds of awesome.

  5. You pensioning off the VFR?, I don't believe it gotta be another 70,000k's left in it yet
  6. smc's are cool. you should buy it.

    they go well enough for road riding in this day and age with all the camo police mans but you can have serious fun on them.

    ktm make some high quality stuff, and the smc/duke is no exception.
  7. Hmmm. Lets think. What do new bikes have that mine's missing? Lets try unusual firing orders. Nope -got that. V4? Well doh. What about slipper clutches. Hmm -got that as well. Single sided swingarm? Check. What about gear driven cams? Yep, included. The new Beemer superbike designers are spouting about finger followers to actuate the valves. Well blow me down -it has them as well.
    I think you're right. Its got a few kays left in it yet.
  8. I was one test-ride away from stumping up for a 690SMC about 18 months back. Sadly, at the time, no KTM dealer in Victoria had a single member of the entire 690/Duke range available for a test-ride. So I passed on the idea.

    My resultant rat-bike has been a labour of love ever since, with a riding buddy of mine stating that it just wouldn't be a complete ride unless something went wrong with the rat-bike on the day (always minor like something shaking loose or threatening to break), but it is by far the best bike I've owned.
  9. Good bikes for fun under 100kms/hr, but not that they're slow.
    They are bolt upright riding position & a single cylinder engine which can be a world away to what alot of motorcyclists think about when it comes to 'a good bike'.

    Definately have a test ride way before you make your mind up, as it can be a different world on them.

    690 - most powerful single cylinder engine ever to be stamped out of a factory, apprantly.
  10. Mate, from what i have read, i Own a 640 the 690 is awesome, im a big fan of KTM, build quality and spec level are awesome, good range of aftermarket accessories, they look sound and handle great,,, test ride one the enjoy!
  11. There are some big bore maico 2 strokes that would like to disagree with you. I think the TM660 might also beg to differ.

    But no doubt, the SMC and duke are a good thing.
  12. I'll defiantly try and take one out for a ride. Cheers for the comments :D

    It'll be a while though, had a run in with a car on Friday, so that's going to delay everything a bit. Put a sizable dent in a Kia Rio, apparently blinkers are optional...

    My bikes absolutely perfectly fine, slight scratch, my leg didn't get off quite so easily.
  13. If you intended to enduro it later then the smc would be the right choice otherwise I'd not bother with the smc - in riding position, suspension travel, fuel tanks size (and fill point) and overall looks, the Duke would be the way to go. But either would do - I've a 690SM and it's a hoot as was the 640 I had before that.
  14. They might be alright. It's the owners that we try and pretend don't exist :cheeky:

    Seriously though, I've ridden one (the 990 SD) and it's a great bike for some fun. I mean, you wouldn't:
    - want to tour around Australia
    - use it as a track only bike (expensive and nakids aren't great for that)
    - use it for 2up regularly

    But hey, it's a ROAD bike.

    Test riding one is the only way to go.