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Thoughts on GSX-R750..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by *Road Rash*, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Anyone who has ridden or owned a GSX-R750. 05' to present models would be appreciated. Any vertically challenged guys ridden big bore modern sportbikes as well are open for comments too. Cheers :)

  2. I've ridden my mates '04 (same as '05) a fair bit, and love it. It's one of the more comfortable modern sports bikes I've ridden in a while.

    Compared to my old cbr954 it's an armchair. I could easily live with it day to day, something which can't be said for a heap of newer sportbikes I've ridden. Enough power, and more useful torque than the 600's.

    I'd have one in an instant. I wouldn't discount the earlier k models either, no inherent flaws.

    I'm 5'7" and have no problems on it.
  3. I just picked up my brand new K7 up 2 days ago and its awesome! :grin: Height is no issue for me - I'm quite vertically challenged 5'3". Its actually lower than my R6. I highly recommend throwing your leg over one if you have a chance to. Peter Stevens on Elizabeth St in Melb have a demo.
  4. Very drooly. Can I have one please?
  5. Hi! I'm quite vertically challenged myself. When you say height is no issue, have you had it lowered or did you do anything else that helped it? How narrow are the seats on the current gsxrs btw, I know that can help a lot?
  6. Apparently they are offer the best handling and performance of any sportsbike on the planet.
  7. I've done nothing to it. The specs say the seat height is 810mm and the width is 715mm. The seat is alot narrower then the 2000 R6. I've also ridden a mates '94 GSXR 600 and that also was alot wider and longer. It almost felt like I was lying on the tank. I asked about lowering the suspension to gain some extra height and was told not to as it would change the performance (not sure how) I was told to get the seat shaved instead if I needed to, but its ok at the current height. And with the riding position there is minimal pressure on your wrists aswell. The K7 is sweet!! :grin: Now I have to change my user name! :-k
  8. they are plenty cool :grin:

    if only there werent spewzukis :p
  9. a mate has a K6 which I think is pretty much the same as the K7.

    The K6 on gsxr's are small bikes physically, slim, low, light and unobtrustive.

    Been keeping an eye out for used ones for a mate but there are none!

    Im 5'7'' and have no probs

    A mate who is 5'6'' has no probs

    If your confident enough, I reckon someone 5'1'' would be OK on one!
  10. I have a K6 750, feels the same as a K6 600. K7's are much the same.
    K5's are a bit more porky but still ok for my height (172cm).

    I test rode a k5 600, '04 CBR600RR, '00 R6, and a Trumpy 675. The K6 GSXRs have the best low seat height/narrow seat combo. It was the only one that i could sit at the lights with both both feet flat on the ground.

    You can feel the difference in torque between the 750 and 600s too. The 675 was pretty sweet too though. In the end the 750 won the day. It's a great bike if you're looking for a mid-size sportsbike. You won't be disappointed... only downside is it costs more! :LOL: