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Thoughts on FZR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hicksey11, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    What are your thoughts on the Yamaha FZR 250 and RR versions.

    Since I didn't get the Spada. I saw one of these for sale close buy and may buy it.


  2. I believe it is just a FZR250R.

    I learnt on one. Certainly a very nice handling bike but if you intend to do any touring then it is pretty bad as it has one of the most aggressive riding positions for a 250cc of that age. I took mine to Broadford racetrack and had a ball. These things were intended to be boy racers like the CBR250RR.

    I believe 94 was the last year they made them. If you can get one from 93 onwards (these have the single headlight and the deltabox frame) then it should be ok. Parts will be hard to come by as they're all gray imports from Japan.

    They sound very nice with a custom pipe revving to 18,500 rpm! Not an easy bike to learn on if you're not a confident rider.
  3. this bikes a whole lotta fun. i picked up one of these to get me around after i crashed my gixxer 600 . and after riding a 600 and a litre bike i can say that this was the bike i had the most fun on , at the spur. a set of sticky tires and you are well and truly good to go.

    plus they are a lot cheaper than the cbr's etc. the parts will be an only concern but you can find them if you look hard enough.
  4. I think that just sums it up well right there! :grin:

    It might be old now but they still go well!
  5. +1

    i still have mine from my learner sitting in the garage, the memorys are so great, i cant bring myself to sell it
    i say get one and never look back
  6. Thanks for the tips and info.

    I am thinking of buying a 1998 model. It only has about 6000km on the clock. What kind of milage do you get from the tank (it's only like 12-14 litres isn't it).


  7. 1998 FZR250 with 6000km? Uh oh. Sounds a bit more like a compliance year.
  8. Thats what I thought. But everything on it seems brand new, not just polished up or cleaned up.


  9. What jisk is saying, though, Hicksey, is that FZRs weren't even made in 1998 - they stopped making them in 1994. So 1998 will be the date it was imported to Australia, not the build date.
  10. Ahhh. Get it now.

  11. ...and no way has it done only 6000km in over 15 years. :LOL:

    Poor reliability springs to mind for many people when you mention FZR250.

    I owned one for my first bike and it was ok. cheap enough but it did require a replacement engine, brake rotors and carbies whilst I owned it :(

    I take it you have seen fzr250.com ?
  12. Yep, my front springs were too soft. Had to add spacers in the fork tubes to add some preload.
  13. Try to pay attention in carparks, Daewoo Nubira's have a habit of jumping out at you! Learnt that the expensive way, $3,000 later paid for the car but the bike :(

    If you see my old FZR250 around Brisbane with no fairing, beware it still may still hate humans.
  14. I used to get 230km out of a tank on mine.
  15. id stay away from dealers specially the likes of sumoto. 6000 k's is definitely too less for a bike thats 15 years old atleast. look for a private sale and something thats a late model with rego and good nick should not be over 3.5k
  16. I could only get 200 max. I think mine was running a little rich with the straight out sports exhaust!
  17. Personally I'd recommend against the fzr250 (or any 20 y.o. bike) unless you thoroughly inspect it. For the same money, get something a little newer, even if its not as 'racer boy' orientated - a newer touring 250 will handle better than a neglected old sports bike.

    Reliability is a major issue with the fzr250; they have a tendency of running rich, carbies are a major headache to deal with and a lot of its problems are more than your local mechanic will bother dealing with. The suspensions are known to be too soft giving it bad handling. I know of workshops who've flatly refused to work on them.

    On the flip side, when these are running well and the suspensions tuned properly, then they're an absolute ball to ride. Plus, imo the single headlight models look better than every other faired 250 its age.
  18. I have one, i havent had any reliability issues with mine. I've added some heavier fork fluid,new chain and sprocket, tyres and keep the engine serviced and i have no problems with it. The seat is a bit hard and the lights are a bit dim but thats typical of bikes this age i;ve found.
  19. Thanks for everything guys.

    I have decided against the FZR250. Atleast if someone has the same question about the FZR's we can point them to this thread.

    If anyone has a 250 or above LAMS legal bike for under $5000 PM me.