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Thoughts on ER-6N or ER-6F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chief, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. I am a relatively new rider and am looking at moving to a 600 all rounder type bike but not a sports bike. It's to do a bit of commuting and touring. I've considered to date the GSR600, SV650, FZ6, (honda don't make anything since the Hornet) and lately I've discovered the ER6 models from Kawasaki. They appear to be getting rave reviews and seem very reasonably priced at the moment $8500 + orc for the ER-6N. Has anyone had any first hand experience of the ER-6N or ER6F? Is the extra bit of fairing on the F worth the extra dollars or would the flyscreen accessory on the ER-6N be sufficient for a bit of ~110km highway riding comfort.

    Anyone with any thoughts?

  2. I've heard mixed reactions about the ER-6, both the naked and faired versions. Mainly to do with it's performance (not that it's too little or some such, but that it could be better). Also I believe in one review I read they mentioned that the EFI had some issues.

    Cannot remember where or when I read these reviews, so please do not take my word as law.
  3. I suppose performance is a relative thing. I watched a video of a guy who filmed himself on an ER-6N doing 0-100kph runs. Seemed to take about 4 seconds. That would be good enough for me. The figures perfoamance specs are similar to the SV650.
  4. Like I said it wasn't the amount of performance but how well it performed, confusing eh?
  5. I ride tested an ER-6N. And was sold to it. ER-6N might be my next bike.

    I like the naked version. It loooks unique. A windscreen would be better specially if a genuine Kawasaki can be made available.
  6. Having just been out for a longish ride today on my naked Spada (close to 300 km all up) with a fair bit of motorway/freeway stuff, I'm inclined to suggest some sort of fairing if you plan to tour. It's definitely doable on a naked, but it does get buffety at 120-130, particularly if there's a bit of wind on the day as well. For what I do, which is mostly around town and through the twisties, I love the naked, and my next bike will likely be the naked SV650, but as I say, if you'll be touring or even commuting via freeway I'd be inclined to recommend the faired one.
  7. IS it the semi naked style you like, if so the ER6 is a great bike, but also consider the SV650. Also for that money have you considered the GSX750F. Yes very boring and not a very modern bike in regards to technology, but an excellent value for money bike..