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Thoughts on Ducati ST3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sonja, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Ducati's ST3. :grin:

    What opinions do people have on them?

  2. Too costly to service and maintain/repair, if you do anything more than just summer weekend warrior'ing on them.
  3. If you want one, go for it :)
  4. I just want opinions.

    $20,000 is a lot of money for me.
  5. Sonja if u want u can give me ur old bike for free
    I'll take good care of it!

    It was worth a try :roll:
  6. I still owe most of what she's worth on her.

    I do recommend the GPX, they're a nice bike and corner beautifully. You just have to service them fairly often.
  7. Yeeeessssss Dad :(

    If it's what you really want then get it and enjoy it!
  8. I intend to get what I want. I just want to know what people think of the bike itself and give me an idea of costs involved etc.

    I'm looking at it for a commuter/tourer because I only have my bike licence.
  9. Two of my mates own ST4's, not far different apart from the engine to the ST3.

    These aren't a good bike for commutinig on IMO, my two friends own other bikes for racking up kilometres, and only use the ducs on longer weekend trips.

    Servicing is not a whole heap more expensive than other bikes, but these can't be neglected the way some other bikes can.

    I realise that duc's have question marks about the electrics/reliability issues, and I would have thought these would be sorted on all recent models until I rode a mates 999 and the tacho and indicators started playing up in an irregular way. Not nice.

    Still, the ST3 is a good if somewhat simple bike, I reckon they're overpriced, but that seems like the price you have to pay to get into the ducati club these days.
  10. Don't know much about the ST3 specifically, but I have owned Duke's previously, and have just bought an early 900SS 'special'. I have also spoken to a lot of 'Ducatisti' in the last week or so about the bike I bought, and Ducatis in general. Like a lot of the information you hear, much is half true, but exagerated. The days of the major service every 6000k's went out with the bevel drive engine. The truly horrible italian electrics went out in the late 80's and were progressively replaced by japanese technology. The Dellorto carbies, and even the (very quickly dropped) 2Choke Webber have given way to Keihins and fuel injection. The service intervals and costs are on a par with any european bike, like my BMW for example. They will be more costly to service than a japanese bike, but not by a lot, maybe 10-15%. As someone has already said, if properly serviced they are as reliable as any bike, but they do suffer badly if neglected. I would go for it, the Japanese bikes have impeccable technology and very few faults, but in this old fart's eyes many lack that indefinable quality I call 'character'.
  11. Yup,I believe a lot of Dealers like Moto-one (Melb) have rationlised servicing in response to customers howling over pricing.A mate here (Wagga NSW) reckons hes never paid more than $300 to get his Monster serviced.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone.

    I'm lucky in that I have a Ducati specialist place just down the road from where I work. It's not so much a specialist any more, as Axle (the guy who started the store) took on another mechanic.

    I took my GPX there for a service on Thursday, and it only set me back $440 and that included a new speedo cable and fixing the left mirror etc etc.