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Thoughts On Ducati 600 Supersport/ Useable Life

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fishnchix, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. I am currently selling my 2012 kawasaki ninja 250 and upgrading bikes. A mates dad offered to sell his 1996 ducati supersport to me because he also has a ducati sport 1000 and rarely gets time to ride the 600.
    It's a beautiful bike and i really love it, but im scared of the possibilities that could come out of buying such an old bike. Any wise old heads got any advice for me. I have seen it's full service history, ridden the bike (It's a beautiful ride) and im pretty sure it won't need a rebuild anytime soon.

    Any questions which may help, let me know.


  2. How many K's ?
  3. Few bikes are truly an investment. You'll lose money but gain fun.
    If you like it, get it and have a blast.
  4. He said nothing about an investment.
    Im sure he knows how to suck eggs.
  5. On an older bike it's more down to maintenance than anything, even though it's not been ridden much has it been serviced regularly. Oil changed regularly, all the filters changed (oil, fuel, coffee etc).
  6. He's worried about getting an older bike, presumably because he's worried about spending money. They all cost money unless you found a cheap Indian etc.
  7. Sorry mate, wasn't sure where to put it, assumed general would be sufficient.
    I think it's done approx 80,000 kms but cant really remember top of my head.
    Oil and filters changed regularly. Serviced consistently.

    Worst case scenario what could this bike set me back. It is in immaculate condition, housed indoors, but you never know.
    I'm getting it for around 6k (mates rates) and i have a grand put aside for any problems that could come up in the first year, but yeah give me worst case scenarios, i have little experience with Ducatis.
  8. Have it checked by someone familiar with Ducatis. Where are you located? I can recommend a good Ducati mechanic in Melb.

  9. Do shop shopping. Mates rates??
    Seems to be standard rates for one with half the km's.
  10. Way too dear for a 600 with those Kms.
    Also SS's have problems with cracked frames.
  11. 80,000 KMS---not for me.
  12. He may never have really considered how much it's worth, especially if he just rides to the local cafe each weekend on the other Ducati.

    But people can be sensetive about how much their bikes are worth so play it carefully.
  13. 80,000km.... That's about 20,000 lattes isn't it?
  14. I got a 2000 750 Ducati Sport for the GF 2 years ago.
    30,000 kms--good nick
  15. Jeebus. You can go.shopping for me when its time.
  16. There is pics of it somewhere here.
    I have contacts.
  17. We shall speak of things soon my multiforum brother
  18. You mean the whole bike? Frame. Engine et al :)

    Jokes apart, that's an awesome price.