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thoughts on dropping the tyre pressure for wet riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by theiceman, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. G'day All,

    Did the search but no luck.

    I expect to do a week or so riding the far north coast nsw next week and fully expect roads (including the infamous stretches of pacific highway) to be wet and shirty. I'll be on a KLR 650 (yeah I admitted it) with tyres biased 70% road and 30% dirt. Was just wondering if taking some air out of the tyres on the dirt gives more grip would the same apply to riding in the wet?

    thanks theiceman
  2. No! If the tyre is flatter its more likely to hydroplane. More air might even be better so the tyre cuts through the water and makes contact with the bitumen.
  3. :WStupid:

    Maybe look at getting some road tyres?
  4. Try it, then when you get out of hospital report back to us.
  5. Thanks for ya help smee:-s I'll make sure I don't fall off in front of you
  6. Sigh humour and irony is lost on some.
    Ok simple DON"T UNDERINFLATE especially in the wet as your bike will squirm, shimmy and shake exaggerated in the wet will cause you to lose traction and come a cropper.
    Use the tyre manufacturer's specs and even maybe add a psi above to open the grooves up to disperse the water better.

    Happy now?
  7. In the wet use the same pressure you would for hi-way work.
  8. As the others have said, or.... or a pound or two under the recommended settings for your bike. (which "I" think are too high by default)

    Overinflate and you'll slide everywhere..

    Underinflate too much and the tread closes up, making the tyre less able to disperse the water.
    I've been called an idiot for saying that on a previous occasion, but the fact is...the tread - as it reaches bottom dead centre with the weight of the bike on it, and if underinflated, WILL tend to close the tread up.
    Personally...I run 2lbs UNDER the recommended settings in all weather conditions for "general riding".

  9. The pressures are set so that the grooves in your tyres can pump the water out kinda like capillary action. My recommendation is, don't fu ck with 'em.
  10. In addition to reducing the groves ability to disperse water, underinflation will widen the contact area increasing the tyre's ability to aquaplane. It's asking for trouble.
  11. Good point mate...Glad you mentioned it.

  12. Smee old mate I saw your humour and irony and raised it one. It was a tongue in cheek suggestion that if I fell off you'd deliberately run over the top of me (like a heartless bastard):LOL:
    Now put your humour and irony face back on. Thanks for the advice though
  13. Nah I'd take a picture of you lying in a heap then kick you to make sure you were ok.:bolt:

  14. Then offer the photos to my kids?? For a small fee perhaps? Glad ya humour and irony radar is back working.(y)