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Thoughts on different types of cans....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Quo Vadas, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Just looking for peoples opinions on any pros and cons between end cans/mufflers: carbon fibre, steel, round or oval shaped.

    Peoples thought on which type produces better note, more (however slight) power etc.

    Tossing up between a few different cans at the moment for my new bike (Megacycle, JHA, Yoshimura etc).
    I'm also open to welding a flange on any other can so it will fit my bike so if anyone has anyone suggestions/feedback etc on all of the above I would appreciate your input.

    p.s. If it makes any difference, i'm looking to fit something on my new RVF.

  2. any slip on will give you slightly more power, just a result of the air passing through one end to the other faster, less restricted.
    if you want real gains you need a full system, which is naughty.. and you will likely get pinged for it.

    better note?.. how much do you like the sound of that particular motor and how loud do you want it.. i don't think different muffler materials make much difference in sound to be honest, but some are lighter materials and some last longer.
    design oval, round etc?> what looks good on that bike?
    a shorter or smaller design/shape will need more restrictive baffles to meet noise legislation

    megacycle are very good value though and he will do what you want to it, no worries.
    if you buy a yoshi or similar here, you can be sure it strictly meets local noise regulations, i think 92db... but you can always tamper with it.
  3. Thanks heaps for your feedback Monkeyman. Some food for thought in what you have said so I'll have a think and get something done for the bike this week.
  4. most welcome, but perhaps other members may have a better ear than me and prefer a note from a particular shaped or material in a can.

    you will also need a high flow air filter.
    then just slap her on the dyno and see what they can do to tune to perfection.
  5. Dissapointed that after the tits and boobies thread being about birds that this wasn't about breasts.

    With the amount of power slip ons give modern bikes it's really just what you like the look and sound of the most.
  6. RB Imports do a nice bolt on polished alloy can for your bike, I bought one for the missus RVF a few years ago and it sounded great. $400 ish from memory and no rejetting required. I'm pretty sure it was their own brand, it had RB Racing on it.

    They also had full race systems available for under a grand. As I understand it they specialise in 400cc racing bikes/parts. I needed some bits for the RVF at times and they always had them, and at good prices too. Worth giving them a call, even though they're in NSW I'm pretty sure they know where the post office is....