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Thoughts on bush mechanics, beer and gravity

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by CrazyCam, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Well, there I was, Chrissie eve, I had taken the wife's car to the bottle shop to make sure there were no "run out of grog" surprises.

    Sitting in the garage,having a quiet beer, I thought that the scooter, a Gilera 180 Runner, might benefit from having a "spare" battery.

    Now, I had ordered a light weight Lithium Iron battery on-line for the scoot, but....<shrug> they gave me the wrong info, and I ended up with an really light saxy battery that didn't fit the scooter, but did fit the Cagiva 125.

    No biggie, I fitted the light battery to the Cagiva 125.

    Anyhow...there I am, with a non-stuffed battery from the Cagiva 125, and, with the Gilera scoot, which has a stuffed battery storage box.

    Now, the Gilera looks like someone was stoned out of their brains on some drug or other and they designed the battery box, and under seat storage of the Gilera.......the whole machine looks like it was designed around the battery box or under seat storage....... <shrug>

    Of course, the Gilera scooter is an auto scooter.....so you don't have the option of bump starting it down hill.

    Now, that was one of the attractions of the place I live in...... lots of spare gravity, handy for starting unwilling motorcycles...... but an auto scooter?

    Anyhow, when I got the scoot, I had made up a wooden frame, on to which I taped (with 100mph race tape) the battery....worked fine.

    So, I am now, under no pressure, trying to re-create the wooden frame, almost exactly, to accommodate another battery.........but I managed it.

    Bloody 'ell....... it takes a LOT of beer to do such a thing!

    Anyhow...if you have read this far.....or even if you haven't...........

    I wish you a bloody great Christmas for you and yours,,,,,,
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  2. Pics? And happy Xmas to you and yours. ,
  3. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year "Dev" and it's amazing the powers of a few cold frothies o_O
  4. I think GOD was pissed when he created the human race
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  5. Uncle GregUncle Greg similar to the gilera? designed around the box? i know some people like that. merry christmas to all and to all a good night
  6. And hung over for the platypus.
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  7. You can push start a scooter, you just gotta be going fast enough for the clutches to open. I tested my theory on a hill with my BW125 however it is FI so you'd have to have enough voltage to prime the injectors and operate the ECU. older carb'd scooters wouldn't have this problem.
  8. And also has a wicked sense of humour.
  9. Yes SHE was pissed Uncle GregUncle Greg when she whipped up man...but with women I reckon she got the recipe close to right but some of us just need a touch more spice to make things interesting in life (without the beer goggles on ).;)

    Luvin ya work CrazyCamCrazyCam - the neighbours are watching you though...:p
  10. yeah? well she did a pretty crap job on my step daughter today she had every one upset but me,lol
  11. Too much chilli...why'd you miss the spray Uncle GregUncle Greg??
    Were you armed with tongs and a loaded turkey baster?:ROFLMAO:
  12. I just agree with everything she says
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  13. That's the way. Someone has trained you well!
    But just remember to throw in a "no, you don't say"
    The ratio should be about 5 "yes (dear or sweetie or babe is optional)" to one no you don't say. Be lenient with mmmms as they can draw attention to your lack of attention...
    The winning recipe for a quiet Christmas:smug: From she who knows
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  14. im not calling my stepdaughter babe, wow that would really go down well
  15. Why not? I love playing family feud at Chrissie. Gets everyone involved and is the ultimate in festive fun. Make sure you pre-prime all participants with cooking sherry or some other lubricant.
    I find this approach always makes for much more focussed NY resolutions;)

    One Christmas last century when I was a real youngin I got totally utterly shit faced (illegally) and inadvertently did the tonsil tapdance with my b-inlaw...woohoo did that liven up the proceedings-really truly was a case of mistaken identity...now that was a cluster fcuk - ah them were the days :D not .
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  16. On Friday evenings, some of them join me for a wee quiet drink......as per piccie.

  17. they couldn't have been thirsty, it's still half full !
  18. Dunno about you, Andrew, but I had never seen Green Label Johnnie Walker.

    I know how expensive the Blue Label is, and the Green is even more up market.

    I did have one reasonably conservative nip, and it was absolutely gorgeous, but, at the likely price of it, I, being Scottish, tend to not be that thirsty...... even if it is someone else's grog.
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  19. Aye, CrazyCam, I ken too well what you're sayin! Wish I lived closer so we could share a dram or three!:smug:
  20. OP is gold Cam.....

    Spare gravity - that tickled....

    Merry Xmas fella