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Thoughts on bigger bikes for 30+ rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by PhilC, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. I'd like to hear some opinions and bike suggestions. I'm 30 and not a small guy (6'3", 95kg), so only a few 250's seem to suit me size wise and none of them are really my preference at the moment.

    I had my L's some years ago and wrote off an Across on the open road through a combination of mechanical issues and inexperience.

    I'd like to think I'm now a little wiser and intend to progress to more advanced riding much more gradually. I'm booked in to do my license again in the coming months and am intending to book a post learner's course with HART and then do the pre-provisional course pretty much straight away. I expect I'll rent a bike to do these.

    So, I'm on to the question of what's the bike for me. I enjoyed the Across and I'm considering a mid sized sports tourer. I feel with the experience I've had I am likely to approach my riding life with a view to taking it steady and making it a long one.

    I'm a fair weather rider.

    With the above in mind I've been looking so far at bikes like the GSX650F and GSX750F, these appeal.

    I'd love to hear opinions, experience from others and suggestions. I've already spent some time pouring over the bike buying guide and found it a wealth of information.
  2. Plenty of people have been happy with the GSXF family of bikes... Personally I think there's a lot better you can buy for the money.

    There's always a lot of CBR600Fs going secondhand for very reasonable dollars, those things are very comfortable while being lighter and offering better performance, handling and braking than the GSXFs - I'd consider those an excellent sports tourer, especially the F4 and F4i models, and they're pretty friendly to ride too. Or then there's the earlier ones, which are still beaut bikes but can be had for *silly* money, like $3-4k.

    That's the direction I'd be heading in if I was in your boots.
  3. Buy a rat-bike for the three or so months of your Ls and then get a full-sized bike, since you are over 30 :wink:.
  4. I wasn't intending to spend 3 months on my L's. I was intending to sit my test pretty much straight away. Like Pre-Learner one weekend, post learner the next, MOST the week after or whatever.

    I don't expect that my approach to riding would be much different if I were to stay on my L's, just that I would be forced onto a smaller bike.

    That said I'm interested in hearing if people see (or have experienced) value in spending some time on a smaller bike.
  5. Yeah, I did the sequence Spada --> GSX400F --> Bandit 1200, after returning to riding after a 15 year break, and am glad I did - I'd have been in trouble with the weight and power of the Bandit immediately. Mine was also tightly budget constrained, though, and a better middle step would have been the GSX750F or the CBR600F.
  6. I found the HART guys down here in vic pretty good at assessing my riding ability and suggesting a suitable bike when I upgraded. They suggested a sv650 for me (the hornet 600 hadn't arrived then) but I got an er6 which is similar.
  7. Well, the CBR600F is certainly an option. I also quite like the look of the GS500F, but I'm yet to see one 'in the flesh'. I think taking the council of the HART instructors after I've done the test etc is also great advice.
  8. Im over 30 and couldn't justify the price of the old 250's on the market, so I rented a bike to do the P's test and bought a CBR600F4 for the reasons Loz mentioned. In retrospect was it the right thing to do ... depends.
    If you want to race/track then a smaller less powerful bike will teach you how to corner fast where as going to the bigger bike straight away you tend to do a lot of point and shot..
    But if you just want a bike to take weekend riding, not looking to get your knee down straight away then skip the 250's and go straight to CBR600 or GSXF if want.
  9. Thanks senergy, that really lines up with my situation and it's good to hear from people that have gone through the same thought process.
  10. Hi Philc, i can relate your situation as i was a late starter on motorbikes, 35 when i got my L's, bought a gs500 it lasted 2 months , unispiring for me, then i bought a gsx650f , this bike does it all for me , its only got about 85hp, at my age that all i need really. Work daily, tourer , sunday bashes, ect
    Regarding Loz's comments, i dont think he's even ridden one (gsx650f), i reakon if he had he'd be singing its praises , but anyway the gsx650f is probably one of the best bikes in the world, it's common knowledge that a gsx650f in the right hands is just as capable as any full on sports bike in a real world situation, maybe on the straight its pulls up a bit short, also mcn who are respected motorbike journo's gave the bike a 5 star rating, and let me tell you these blokes are a professionals and they know what there talking about + you don't get 5 stars for nothing.

    Be sure to test as many bikes as you can & Good luck with the purchase.
  11. The GSX650 looks sexy as, but I'm hoping to spend more like $5-6k for the bike alone. I have to admit I didn't have the Across long enough for it to get boring (just long enough to argue with a van on the centreline.) I do want something that suits my size though for comfort on longer rides.
  12. 5-6K ...check out a GSX750F ,you should be able to pick one up for the price ,but expect to drop a few dollars when you try to sell it ,its not one of the most sexy bikes in the world ,but easy to ride and a good solid bike.
    It will do want you want and more.

    But you can pick up a GSX650F for 10,000 rideaway ,do your self a favour and test ride one, easy finance at the dealers :wink: :p
  13. The GSX650 is a very good bike for what it's intended for, but it is relatively heavy for its power, and given Loz's predilections is suspect that underlay his comments (no doubt he'll be back to clarify and I can't speak for him).

    It really depends how sporty you want to go - the CBR600F is a sportier choice than the GSX750F, for example, but at your size the Suzuki might be a better option.

    You'll need to test ride a few anyway.