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Thoughts on best 250 cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HellBeast, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Ok im about to get my L's at 33( i know old but tis all good)

    Anyhow i have been looking at getting a Honda VT250 Custom just wondering what others think of this bike.

    Parts, Reliability, Resale Value etc..................

    Also any other opinions on bikes of this style .................


    Beast :cool:

  2. I dont think there are many 250 Cruisers around.

    Yamaha Virago 250, Kawasaki Dominator? , Hyosung 250 Cruiser...
  3. Also the Yamaha V-Star 250 - different styling than the Virago.
  4. Thanks for the the ideas on different types of cruisers.

    Now all i need is an idea on parts , reliability, and resale vale of such bikes.

    I just wish i knew something about bikes at all. :cool:
  5. What about the Honda Rebel? I saw one the other day and it look nice.

    Have a look over on this site


    Go to advanced search and put in your price range and pick the cruiser option.
  6. Well going by anecdotal evidence it has to be the 250 Virago, also throw ease of riding, nice low seat height.

    Ask one of the V brigade how much they love them (Caz, Rosie, etc) have a read of Rosie's thread on her ride up to brisbane on one.

    Buy a good second hand one and you'll hardly loose any $$$ if you want to sell it.
  7. Hey Woodsy,

    You would have noticed Trace and I riding Viragos yesterday. IMHO, they are a fantastic cruiser, as far as 250s are concerned anyhow. You're likely not going to get much grunt out of them (I max out at 130 km/h on the straight), but apart from that it's all good. Ours are both second-hand models, but they've had no problems, only needing new tyres, and in my case, a new chain (the old one was getting a little slack).
  8. Thanks heaps for the advise.......... now i don't know what i want ......lol

    Suppose I'll just keep looking around for a bit.


    Beast :cool:
  9. Head to a bike shop and sit on a few. Take your time. Ask lots of questions. Where are you located?

    I'm a huge Virago fan, none of the bikes mentioned ^^ have reliability issues unless it's second-hand and hasn't been looked after. When you go to get your L's, they may indeed have some of these there to learn on/try.

    Parts availability isn't an issue with these bikes, resale will depend on a number of factors. Wait until your next purchase i.e. bigger bike to make an 'investment' if that is a major factor. Buy sensibly and look after it, shouldn't be any problems.
  10. Thanks Ezyryder im in Chelsea .

    Well after a day of walking in and out of bike shops in the city and sitting heaps of bikes with my wife.
    Asked lots of questions with lots of answers but im still no closer to a decision

    Ohh well i suppose the im gonna have to bite the bullet soon and just buy :p

    I'll post pics when i finally do though
  11. Don't buy unless you are sure what you want. You will know when it is right cos it will just click. Well that how it was for me and I never looked back.
  12. i'm a relatively noob rider, and i just love my virago 250. i've been a few longer rides now and it is still as comfortable at the end of the ride as it has been at the start.

    it was recommended to me that i get one of these for my first bike - partly cause i'm short - and it seems like just about every second biker i talk to says that it was their first bike.

    and when you read what rosie was able to do on her virago....... :grin:
  13. Kezza said:
    +1. I'm surprised by the amt of riders - esp guys - who tell me - with fondness - that they started off on a virago. I've never heard a bad word about these bikes - they're just fantastic for learning on.
  14. Riding my Virago since November - no problems what so ever. they look good. grabs attention with the looks. Handles real well - small enough to do tight turns and silly corners but big enough to push back and enjoy the scenery.

    Plus they sound nice hehe - as what a 250 Cruiser can sound lol

    I love to take mine our for a day ride somewhere heaps far - just cos it feels like it can handle the beating.

    ohh and the Acceleration??? - More than enough to get yourself into trouble. it's not the fastest but it can handle situations where you need to shift around quickly.

    all in all a nice allrounded bike
  15. Beast,

    When I started riding a little over a year ago (at 44) I bought a VT250C and loved every minute of it. The bike never missed a beat, was inexpensive to service, and held resale very well. I went for the Honda as it has more aggressive styling than the other small cruisers. If you're keen on the model, I'd personally avoid the V25's which are a grey import, and stick to Australian delivered VT. If I hadn't bought the Honda I would have settled on the Yamaha XVS250. Nice bike.

    Just be aware of the limitations of the small cruisers. Not much power, pretty weighty and lousy ground clearance. They're reasonably long and this can sometimes be a challenge when you do your P's. Don't let this put you off though. These bikes are fun, fun, fun.
  16. Thanks for everyones input I've nearly decided on a bike its between the VT250C or the GV250 AQUILA not sure as yet but I'm leaning towards the
    (looks a bit tougher and thats what matters right ....????)

    LMAO :LOL:


    Just one other question is there an easy way to tell the difference between a grey import and an Aus delivered bike if i was to buy private?????

    Thanks Again :cool:
  17. Sorry to join in a bit late, but have you considered the Kawasaki EL250? (Eliminator). I had one as my first bike, and it was brilliant.

    I considered the Virago, but I found the positioning of the handlebars to be a bit too uncomfortable. No problems with the EL250 ...

    It's easy to work on, and very reliable. And it looks a little meaner than the Virago, IMHO.

    Resale was great too. I kept it for 2 years, and lost less than $1k. And I tripled the kms on the odometer...
  18. As a virago owner - I'd Also say that the EL250 is a mean mother looking bike compared to the Flow design of the virago.

    that was my second choice actually - just hard to find em secondhand around here.

    My virago has custom Bars on em - more wide and low - very sporty feel compared to the high and narrow original virago bars...

    but saying that - turning in it is a little harder then the high bars - just more resistance and a wider swing.

    (if you're wondering what my bars look like - they look like floppy horns... not much raise and points towards the ground - a little longer than the orginal bars)
  19. I've had my Virago for just over 13 months now, I love it!
    I've done almost 40,000 kms in 13 months and the bike hasn't missed a beat, except the usual..... tyres, new chain and sprockets and a new headlight globe. I am due to upgrade in 7 weeks and am going to be sad to sell my little beast, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :LOL:

    I get 140kph out of her and sometimes if conditions are right almost 150 :twisted:
    280/300 kms for 9.5 litres fuel.
  20. :LOL: Wrong kind of attention. :p
    Alright lets get down to naming some 250cc cruisers straight off the top of my head.
    Yamaha xv250
    Yamaha xvs250----most bling on a 250cc cruiser ive seen
    Honda vt250
    honda rebel 250
    Kawasaki el250
    Kawasaki vn250-----massive 250 looks like 600cc cruiser
    Hyosung gv250---one of the hyosung cruisers do alright wheelies

    ermm...hm..well....i can't think of anymore