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Thoughts on adjustable levers?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Tam0h, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. So im thinking of gettig adjustable levers on my bike in the near future. I had them on my dirt bike so im more used to the levers being closer in. What are your thoughts on them?

  2. No thoughts - just action. Most advised. You need to be comfortable on your bike. I had the levers before I took delivery of the bike actually.

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  3. lots of bikes have them as standard
  4. There are 2 adjustments that should happen, freeplay. The tiny bit of travel when fully out that doesn't touch anything and has no pressure on the mechanism and span adjustment, moving the lever closer to the bars and not effecting the first adjustment. Having both is a very good thing,especially if you have average hand size and not gorilla hands like some.
  5. Where's the coffee?
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  6. +1 Just get them! The first step to having good control is to be comfortable
  7. I aim to please
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  8. Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd piggy back this one...

    What are people's thoughts on adjustable levers: BUT what's better / easier? Things to consider?
    (just using this as an example for the KTM 390)

    1. the ROLLER method Roller Adjuster Foldable Brake Clutch Lever Adjustable KTM 125 200 390 Duke RC


    2. the most know 'lever' type CNC Adjustable Folding Extendable Lever Set for KTM Duke 125 / 200 / 390

    All thoughts welcome :) since I've never had adjustable levers or short levers... I just assume they'll be better than standard (especially to help out with a bung hand and a tiny reach).
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  9. yeah good post ValvolineValvoline, I'd like to know a bit more about these also, from an aesthetic perspective I think I prefer the look of the 'non-roller' type
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  10. Probably won't impact those with modern bikes, I cannot use them , my nippals are way to big. YUK YUK
  11. The non roller type is WAY easier to set. You can easily set the lever to a different notch with your thumb when you slightly depress the lever with your fingers - on the go.

    When i swop to the wife's Duke first thing i do.
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