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Thoughts on a V-Strom's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Well my father looks like he's finally had enough of the BMC (Bits of Motor Cycle) that he rides and is lookikng for something new.

    The V strom is his current favourite, but he'd like a bit of info.

    things like Economy single (rider and loaded)

    comparisons between the 650 and 1000

    Off road handling etc. (

    known issues

    Oh and is ABS worth it if he does get the 650?

    Thanks in advance
  2. The only critisism of the 650 seems to be its appearance. all else is praise.

    The 1000 is less popular for no specific reason I am aware of, but is probably a combination of weight and too much grunt. I don't think it's significantly taller.

    Do a bit of a search as there is even a review here of the 650. Also do a search on ABS brakes as there is a discussion here on them recently.
  3. from everything i have heard about them they (from a few blokes with live and breathe them) is that they are listed as a dual purpose, and work well on gravel, firetrails but thats about as far as anyone with commonsense would take them off road.....but you know motorcycle riders seem to have a much high self opinion of their and their bikes ability and as such seen clips on youtube and pics on other forums) of v-storms in places most would only think you would take a 450 dirt bike.

    On the road/track i have witnessed a couple of 1000cc v-storm showing a few sportsbikes how to ride twisties/trackdays (with full touring gear.) As posted above these things are as ugly as sin, but seem to be one hell of a ride according to most that own them :LOL: :wink:

    ABS is for muppets that can't brake
  4. I know the 650 is alot more popular than the 1000, and I personally love the engine, very flexible and fun to ride on my SV :D

    The screen is known to produce rather annoying windblast though.. so definately test ride one..
  5. I've also read this. From my flow modeling experience (which is not huge, but enough) it looks as though it is trying to do too much.

    I'd be interested to know what the result would be if you cut the top lip off. I imagine it would be a relatively clean stream of air hitting you somewhere on the helmet, rather than turbulent air.

    It's not a cheap thing to get wrong however.
  6. I get about 400 kays to a tank without even trying. That's with a full top box.

    The 1000 had a few issues early on and the 650 is much smoother and because of the lighter weight is much easier to ride, especially when the road turns to dirt. Oh and the wee is 3k cheaper even with ABS.

    The 650 is exactly the same size as the 1000 only the seat is an inch taller on the 1000. The only other differences apart from the engine is the 1000 has a hydraulic clutch, has dual exhaust and comes with hand guards as standard.

    For everything Vstrom tell him to check out http://www.stromtrooper.com/

    There is a huge aftermarket for these bikes. You can get everything from crash bars to windscreens and centre stands to bash plates.

    There is a small problem for some riders with buffeting that is usually easily sorted by replacing the stock bracket with one of these. http://www.madstad.com/

    As for ABS for an extra $500 bucks, why wouldn't you?
  7. thanks for the info pete.

    web links are useless as Dad is yet to venture online.

    May have to get him around for a web session.

    do you have the 650 or the 1000?....ah 650 i see.

    not sure the weight will bother him, current bike is 210Kg+ Hand guards will appeal to him though.
  8. No worries. From all accounts the 650 is the better bike, unless he plans a LOT of two up. It's not so much the extra weight , but where it sits.

    You can get hand guards for the Wee for $90 bucks.
  9. I did a bit of research into these before I got the KLR...

    The only difference between the 650 and 1100 frame/body is the seat, you can swap them if you want a taller 650 or shorter 1100...

    Obviously there is a weight/power/economy trade off between the two...

    There was a point I think in 06 where they were running out 650s with Givi Top Box and Side Boxes to offload them before the ABS model was released, so that may be a reason to go one way or the other...

    They are sort of capable off-road... there are guys who do serious off road work with them, and you can buy all the bits if you want them... but then there are fools that do off-road work on GS1200s... so it doesn't mean they are ideal...

    The real issue is the above mentioned wind buffeting... at over about 90Km it was enough to give me a head ache, and I haven't heard of anyone being able to completely stop it... even after buying after market screens... I am 5'11"ish and I think you would need to sit a couple of inches lower than me to 'get under' the wind... take if for a test ride somewhere that you can get up at least 100...

  10. Madstad bracket seems to work the best

    Know a few owners of both Stroms - 650 works well and easily much more popular.

    http://www.advrider.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=5 - thousands of posts of happy owners there
  11. I've ridden both. The 1000 felt big and bulky, the 650 felt juuuuust right. I'd own a 650 in a heartbeat. That said, the TL1000 engine is probably my favourite big twin, I don't know why it didn't do it for me in the DL.
  12. I owned a 650 for a couple of years and loved it. It was one bike I genuinely regret selling. It ticks ALL the boxes except maybe very long trips (particularly if your old man intends carrying a pillion)

    The standard exhaust is a shitful thing which restricts performance and more importantly, the beautiful V-Twin note.

    I saw a great 650 recently for sale at Jeffrey Honda in Ferntree Gully (VIC) a few weeks ago and was sorely tempted......Can't tell you what they had on it, but it was immaculate (red too)

    P.S: IF i was buying new, then YES I would definitely go for the ABS. $500 bucks for ABS is a bargain.
  13. Can you turn it off on the rear of these things? (is it on the rear?).

    The strongest anti-abs argument is that you want to be able to lock the rear on dirt.
  14. Both ends. It's not officially switchable.

    I believe someone on www.advrider.com h4x0r3d a switch into the system on their own V-strom, so it might be worth a look there.

    For the rest of us non-switchable-ABS owners (Tiger, V-strom, etc) pulling out the ABS system's fuse works. :grin:
  15. Can't believe, in this forum full o' pedants, that I get to be the first to say:

    'A V-Strom's what?' ;)
  16. Had the Wee-Strom(650) for a couple of years now. Great, Great bike(check the links in my sig)

    Good Points:
    - Cheaper than equivalent BMW.
    - Extremely customisable - check out recent Roadrider magazines for how customisable. Can make them into a middle-of-nowhere long-distance trailie.
    - Very comfortable riding position.
    - Big fuel tank(400-450k's loaded, single person)
    - Can take a lot of luggage.
    - Punchy engine with lost of torque(same engine as an SV650 sports - differently tuned though)
    - Very manoeuvrable and light for a big-ish bike.
    - Big international following so heaps of parts and a big online community for information (also look at http://11109.rapidforum.com/)

    Bad Points:
    - Looks.
    - Buffetting from stock windscreen - Madstad brackets fix that!
    - Stock exhaust doesn't sound too good and putting an aftermarket can on can affect the panniers depending on individual setup based on not being able to refit the stock heatshield.

    I bought this bike so I could do really long-distances. I can do 1500 highway km in a day on it no problems. Have done 1300 in a day which included Thunderbolts, Putty and some other twisties. Biggest trip I have done on it was 4 weeks and 6500km around Tasmania. I took it into the middle of nowhere forestry areas covered in mud, back trails, dry lake beds all sorts of places and it was brilliant. And when I'd had enough dirt it was still brilliant fun on the twisty bits.

    If you can getr over the looks, which a lot of BMW riders don't seem to be able to, then this bike is a great choice.
  17. I'm very keen on the 650 and am scheming a test ride when I have some time free. I have test ridden a Hornet 600 and am curious if anyone else has ridden both and is willing to venture a comparison between them.