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Thoughts on a new Tiger 800 Xrx

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Tigerboy, Jul 7, 2016.

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    After much thought and a long test ride, I chose the Tiger XRx over the XCx, as I realized that off road will be a very small part of my riding, and wanted more of an all road rather than an off road machine, the 19 inch front wheel should give it reasonable manners in looser going, and I saved some dollars for other goodies over the pricier XCx.

    I took delivery of this new bike about 10 days ago, 1st service at 900 odd ks and 8 days later, at $220 a bit of a shock after dropping almost seventeen grand the week before. I guess bike manufacturers don't do the fist service is free thing like the car folks.

    The Tiger is a frisky devil, running in has been a breeze, 5000 RPM limit for the first 500k did not have me creeping about the countryside, legal speeds were easily achievable even on the freeway. The motor is smooth, effortless and remarkably grunty, the torque curve kicks in at just over 2k and the bike just squirts confidently away, it's deceptively quick even at limited revs.

    Although I was initially very tentative due to what felt like a very high, tippy riding position compared to my old BMW boxer, handling has proved light and accurate, the bike steers easily and quickly, and has a good solid stance, it instilled confidence quickly, an effortless ride with good manners all round.

    I fitted Continental TK70's, allegedly a 40/60 tire, they have not given me one bad moment on the twisty back roads of the Northern Rivers, or in wet conditions. The chicken strips on the rear are fast disappearing, and the sight of a bit of gravel suddenly appearing no longer gives me an adrenaline shot. Due to it's blocky tread pattern, the front tire is a little buzzy, but as I ride with ear plugs it is not bothersome, and I feel almost nothing through the handle bars.

    The limited dirt road riding I have done so far, using the off road mode, has done nothing to change my opinion of this very competent ride, traction control seems to work well and is not too intrusive.

    The fly by wire throttle, on the other hand, is taking a bit of getting used to, I find it way too light, opening and closing over bumps, making smooth power delivery in bends a little challenging at times, wish there was some way to dampen it a little, but I'm assured by the dealer, a good fellow whose judgement I trust, that I'll settle in to it over time.

    Another gripe is the right hand switch block. This contains the starter button, kill switch and switches for the cruise control, I think the layout is poor, and have several times hit the starter when fumbling for the cruise set button at speed on the freeway, also I think rocker type kill switches are a bad idea, so I'll be drilling a small hole through mine and installing a pin to prevent accidental operation

    Build quality, fit and finish of the bike are good, although I found the plastic hand guards flimsy and cheap, they have been replaced with Barkbusters. Same can be said of the plastic instrument pod, the joint of which flexes more than I think it should, I've run a strip of electrical tape over it just to be sure of water staying on the outside, the fix blends in fine. SW Motech engine protection bars have been fitted, as there will be quite a bit of gravel in our future, the bars will also provide a fine mounting point for some planned extra lighting. The included tool kit is pretty pathetic, no surprise, it doesn't even include a spanner large enough for the mirrors, which loosened up on the first ride.

    I will be adding a slip on muffler, probably a Barrett or Staintune in the next month or two, a K&N air filter of course, also a better sump guard, the SW Motech one looks good.

    Triumph offer a truck load of accessories, but they are pricey and I like the idea of making the bike a little more individual, and there are a plethora of add ons from quality manufacturers, often at better prices. I am agonizing over which soft panniers to go for. Open to input there.

    All in all, over the last two weeks, the Tiger 800 has proved to be a great ride competent and entertaining, the riding position is upright and very comfortable, although my BMW butt is still adjusting to Triumphs so called comfort seat, a standard inclusion on this up-speced model.

    I'm looking forward to some multi day trips in the not too distant future, and will report further as we progress, this new girl and me.

    After two 200 plus kilometer days I can report that, for me at least the Triumph "Comfort Seat" is no such thing, it should more correctly be called the torture seat. 24 hours after this ride my butt still hurts.
    So the seat has won, tomorrow I'm off to a custom seat builder, so disappointing to spend so much money on a new bike and find the seat so uncomfortable on longer rides. Ho hum.

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  2. looking forward to pics and ride reports.
  3. That's a great first report on the XrX, TigerboyTigerboy
    I'm sure you'll 'grow' into your new bike quickly and feel right at home on any surface.

    I've recently fitted a TKC70 to the rear of the Wee-Strom and I'm also very happy with it.
    They'll be a TKC80 going on the front quite soon, as the Anakee 2 tread is getting quite low now.
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  4. I rode a rental XR (previous model) and I liked it a lot. Tyre compromises are a biatch though. The OE rubber was not quite there for hard tar cornering, and not up to anything dirtier than hard packed gravel. I think you're rightly going away from centre to at least try and get the best of one world (bit more dirt oriented).
  5. Hmmm, "the best of one world" ? I think the TK's are a compromise. But, a better compromise than OM rubber, anything more aggressive would be overkill for my intended purpose, no intentions of crossing the Simpson, but running out to my mates claim on the opal fields is a definite possibility, the TK's will be just the thing for that sort of country. I think the whole XR package is a great all round Aussie bike.
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