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Thoughts on '97 GSF 600 Bandit

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DarkenRahl, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. I recently took my 250 Hornet for a slide and it got written off. I was merging left down a hill when all of a sudden my front wheel jammed to the left and I got thrown off, I was only doing 30-40km an hour and slid about 12 meters, I got up and wheeled my bike to the kerb, all I had to show for it was a small hole in my US army surplus goretex pants.
    There were bits of gravel on the road and it had been gently raining for about 10 mins.

    Anywaay I'm now looking for a replacement naked bike suitable for commuting but good fun for the open road. I'm one month away from my full licence and was wondering what people's opinions would be on a Bandit?
    I've read a few reviews on the net and people generally say it's a fun bike if a little heavy and suitable for someone who is moving on from a smaller bike etc.

    It seems like a pretty good value bike to me and seems to suit my needs, I'm never taking my bike on a track and have only been riding for a year and a half. It also fits into my budget of $5,000 second hand.

    What do you more seasoned riders think? Any deal breakers or really major problems or experiences with this bike?
    I'm also thinking of just getting another Hornet only of the 600cc variety.
  2. The 600 Bandit is basically the 1200 version with a smaller engine, whereas the 600 Hornet is the 250 version with a larger engine shoved in.
    So the 600 Hornet should feel pretty familiar, but if you're already finding your current bike feeling "small" or uncomfortable on long trips or just normal commuting then go for the Bandit.
  3. U nt redy for orsm Bandit powah dood.