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Thoughts on 05-06 CBR1000 - R1 - ZX10R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr_Ignorant, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. I was out looking at bikes today for my wife but got excited looking at these models and i'm thinking of getting one for myself now.

    Any opinions on these models from the viewpoint of:
    1) Daily riding
    2) Long distance
    3) Time & Place style riding

    I have ridden an 08 R1 and 08 ZX10R and i really liked the R1. I am yet to take the older models for a burn and wonder how they compare?

    Also as a side question any thoughts on the '06 R6 & GSXR600?

  2. I am surprise that no one has replied to this! There are plenty of people out there with those bikes. Sorry Glen, can't help you beyond sharing my experience of the CBR which I already did.
  3. Bump:

    WTF??? Anyone would think this topic would be at least 20 pages long.

    I would love to know too. I'm thinking of an 06 07 R1, but would love to hear what others thin of all these bikes.
  4. I've ridden an 06 ZX10.

    Was surprising comfortable. It didn't put anywhere near the stress on my wrists like my R1 does. Also my balls cop a hammering on the R1, where the ZX10 had a much more comfy seat that didn't have you humping the tank.

    The induction and exhaust noises with a akrapovic exhaust was sex for the ears. Had shagged tyres to couldn't get a real feel for the handling but it tipped in nicely and felt very light. Also smooth power all the way up the rev's.

    Didn't like the tacho thou. It was digital and really difficult to read. The speedo was a bit small as well. I'm sure it's something you'd get used to thou.

    Brakes were incredible. This one did have braided lines but the owner told me there wasn't much difference between the stock ones. Anything more the light two finger braking had me upside down looking at the screen. :LOL: You seriously slid up onto the tank when you grab a handful of brake. Kinda made me think they might even be a bit too powerful for street use. But they gave you a lot of confidence knowing that you could easily wipe off speed quickly if need be.

    Nice tight gearbox and light clutch, no complaints on that front.

    So if I was in the market for a new bike an 05-06 ZX10 would definitely be on the short list. So take one for a spin :cool:
  5. Thanks blaringmike! Very helpful.

    I'm not brand obssessed and dont really value specs on a piece of paper all the much either.

    I value, experiences from other riders and my own.

    So thanks! :grin: Unfortunately a little way off yet, days seem like months! But will def test ride one I like powerfull brakes and seats that dont crunch my balls!
  6. On those criteria, and of that vintage, the Honda or Suzuki (1000) are widely held as the picks for daily use on the road. These are a fair shortlist.

    But how the feel and fit is for you might differ.

    And that model R1 is appallingly awesome-looking.
  7. I've ridden an 05 CBR1000RR and I have always found it to be boring. It just kind of does everything well but nothing very well, the white good's equivalent of a motorcycle. Never thought I would find 150 BHP boring but there you have it :LOL:
  8. Something wrong with your Ducati? :p How could you get excited by those if you were to ride one daily?
  9. Think he would rather hear something other than a dry clutch
  10. hey theres not many bikes around that provide a free music system, even if the music is a tambourine and cant be turned off.
  11. i've owned an 08 R1 and a 04 ZX10R. I much preferred the ZX10R... it feels like a beast in comparison. I've heard the new ZX10R feel a lot different but i can't comment as i've never ridden them.

    can't comment on the CBR.
  12. Ha!

    I found this thread just after posting a new one.

    An update is i bought the wife a CBR1000 on the weekend.

    Contemplating on trading the Ducati for a new 09 CBR1000 Repsol. Not sure how my back will hold up touring on a supersports though.