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Thoughts of zx2r project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. i read that a zx4r engine will fit straight in the zx2r. they use the same frame as the zx2r but with a different engine. what are your thoughts? i know its a 250 but how cool would it be.
    if not that then was thinking of a fuel injection conversion. heard that can give an extra 20-30hp with the right tuning.
    this is just an idea so plz give me your thoughts.

  2. The ZX4R engine might fit but you could have a problem getting the bike certified and roadworthied (okay not really an issue now but if you ever plan to sell it as anything more than a track bike it will be). There has to be a reason why there aren't any grey import ZX4Rs in this country. As for 20-30hp from fuel injection alone - seems awfully optimistic. I mean the stock engine only puts out 40hp, really doubt fuel injection alone would give you a 50~75% increase in power (carburetors aren't that inefficient). Much greater gains would come from increasing the compression ratio and retuning the carbs to suit a higher octane fuel (95 or 98). Of course you could always fit a turbo :wink:.
  3. There is no way fuel injection would give you that much extra power, you'd seriously be lucky to get another 5hp, fuel injection will just smoothen out the 'power'band and increase response. you're talking 150-170% increase in performance.

    I wouldnt bother changing motors either, I bet you'll run into all sorts of nightmares. Buy a ZXR400 if you want one that bad.
  4. I wonder just how much HP a zx2r has in real world conditions.
    Anyone dyno tested their stock zx2r?

    I may get mine tested when i have some time. would be interesting.
  5. nah i dont want a zx4r dude. just an idea for the zx2r.
    i just read these ideas from other sites but it would be interesting to see a zx2r done up.
    turbo?? i dunno if the engines will hold up for that.
    any other ideas??
  6. 35-40hp at the wheel

  7. forget the power and make it look pretty?
    Thats what im trying to do, will cost me a lot less...
  8. i got the bike looking pretty now and all i need is some more balls. has anyone here changed the front sprocket to make it more zippy? the reason why i say this is because i use my bike mostly for going to uni and around the city and dont often get to go on the highway. my brothers cbr250rr is very zippy and when im in 6th on his bike, its like 5th on my bike. i got better top end but he has better bottom end.
    anyone here done it?
  9. There are plenty of zxr400's in Australia, most get snapped up for racing in Formula 400.

    Rootmasta, forget the engine conversion, it'd be cheaper and better to buy a complete 400. If you really want more mumbo from you bike then a blow-through or EFI turbo would be the way to go. There's a turboed fzx250 Zeal getting around Sydney that had around the 110hp mark (featured in Rapid mag)! By the time you've done this though you could probably have bought a brand spanking 600.

    I'm sure plenty of people on here have geared their bike down for extra low down acceleration. Nopt sure if it affects zxr250's, but if the bike's speedo runs off the gearbox (as oppsed to the front wheel, etc) then altering the gearing will put the speedo out of whack. If changing it does affect the speedo, then use a digital pushbike speedo.

    If you change the gearing, make sure to get a new chain also.
  10. It also depends on the cost compared to the extra performance that you might be expecting.
  11. It's also going to depend on whether you want something you can actually register and use everyday or a pure track/drag bike.
  12. Change the rear sprocket to a 48, I forget what the front was...
    But leave that stock.
    Than it becomes more simlar to a cbr250 the overall gearing, sits on around 8500 at 100.
    Maybe even go a 48 on the front and one down on the front, or a 50 on the rear.
  13. ive got a zx2r type c, and with a slip on muffler and a air filter it made 41hp at the wheel.

    I reccomend speaking with RB racing at Taren Point in Sydney, they import both the ZX2r and the ZXRr and race them, so im sure they know what will fit.
  14. ive come to my senses now. doing up a 250 is a waste of money. i guess it was my L phase but now with my P's, im thinking bigger, better and faster.
    for all those people who have 250s, dont waste your money on them coz i a yrs time, you'll hunger for more power!
  15. I'm glad to see your delusions have faded :)

    Wait till you get yourself a 600, they accellerate harder in 6th than the ZXR250 does in 1st :wink:
  16. good idea, thats what i did, just saved my money, and now i havea R1 in the garage.

    But dont bag the 250's to much, i rana 13.9qtr mile on mine.
  17. I have ridden a zx2r (had one and it got stolen) and an Aus delivery (not Jap spec) RGV250 smokes it (am buying it hopefully in next few days). If you are in vic and can ride one then there is your answer.

  18. Stick any old ZZR600 motor in it wheres your sense of adventure guys or how about a GPZ500 donk great handling great looking with a full fairing on it
  19. i picked up another zx2r from a friend but his front forks are stuffed. im going to use this for my track bike to build up my skills until i can afford a bigger bike.

    does anyone here know if there other front forks (USD) that i could use instead of the original ones or is that impossible and a stupid thing to do. the only reason why i ask is because it is hard to find front forks for a zx2r.