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Thoughts from a Triumph Demo Day

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sblack, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Went to a Triumph Demo Day at City Coast Motorcycles in Wollongong today and though I'd share some brief thoughts on the bikes I rode. They changed the route a couple of times to get it right but I must say i was lucky to be on the right bike for the course as they changed.

    First up was the Bonneville for a run up Mt Keira and back. I've never really ridden anything in a similar class to this so it's hard to compare it to anything. I was suprised at how heavy it felt at low speed and certainly wouldn't want to do the MOST test in it (for anyone in ACT where it's LAMS approved) but once it was moving it was quite comfortable and stable. For someone who wants something cruisy that still handles the twisties ok then it could be worth a look at.

    Second was a run down the freeway to Berkley and back. Glad I wasn't on any of the sportier bikes for this one but seamed the perfect environment for the Rocket III Touring i was on. Despite being almost twice the weight it actually felt lighter at low speed than the bonneville did. All that torque in a north-south mounted motor (is that how you describe it in a bike?) means when you rev it at standstill the whole bike twists to the right. No feeling of that while i was moving though. The 180 rear tyre seams small for a cruiser of this size but it handled the power fine and meant it leant into corners quite easily until the footboards touch and remind you that that's all the lean there is on a cruiser. If you're after a cruiser then definately give the Rocket III a try. The only thing I didn't like on it was the screen. At 6'1" I'm too tall for it and it just gives me a heap of buffeting on my head, would rather it not their or a little bit higher.

    The next one was the one i was really there for. Time to get a run on the speed triple. The new course which i believe they stuck with for the rest of the day was up mt keira and down mt ousley. Unfortunately there was too much traffic on mt keira and i'm not sure a demo day is the best time to really try out this bike. I could only get brief glimses of what this bike is capable of and even when i held back a bit to create a gap it'd be back on the tail of the next bike too quickly to really get a feel for it. It was probably my least entertaining ride of the day just because it was so far from what the bike was capable that it made everything too easy. On the other hand I have to comment that the riding position is more upright than i was expecting and would be quite comfortable as an everyday ride. The fact that there's enough torque to cruise around at below 3000 rpm helps with that too and I found it quite managable in the around town parts of the ride.

    Last up and with a better run up Mt Keira was the Scrambler. It was the least used bike of the day, sitting back a the dealer with no one to ride it while all the other bikes where out a few times. People don't know what they were missing. I didn't know much about the bike, a quick look at the tyres made me think old school motard. Hoping on and the wide bars added to that feeling. Then came the ride and it proved it. This bike was a blast to ride, easily the most fun i'd had on the day. I felt confident and in control no matter what the road conditions. It felt completely at home moving around over the bumpy and loose sections of mt keira and had me thinking of how much fun it'd be on a dirt or gravel track. Heaps of fun tearing along on smooth pavement to and when it comes time to the traffic it didn't have the heavy feeling of the bonneville, in fact it felt quite light and those wide bars make it easy to maneuver. My wife loves the look of nostalgia bikes and when the time came for her to get her unrestricted licence she really wanted a bonneville. Had to take a brochure home to get her thinking Scrambler instead. Oh, if you've looked at one and wondered about having the exhaust run next to your leg, it was a little unnerving as i threw my leg over but other than that i never noticed it at all.

    So thanks God for putting on some great weather and thanks Triumph and City Coast for the bikes, snags and listening to riders feedback about the route. And finally, if you only get one thing from my post make sure it's to get to a demo day (or two) and ride some bikes you wouldn't otherwise ride and might never have considered. You may find something that pleasantly suprises you like i did.
  2. Did you notice the relative deficit of power from the scrambler engine, compared to the bonneville?
  3. I didn't notice it. Maybe if i road them back to back I would have but having a couple of hours as well as a Rocket III and Speed Triple in between makes comparison a little more difficult. I mean when you're talking relative power the difference in them is pretty small compared to the difference to the Speed.
  4. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the Scrambler and how much fun it is. A lot of younger folk probably wouldn't know that this must be the sole example of the 'street scrambler' on the market today. Honda had the most extensive range for about 10 years from the early sixties. Basically it was a road bike with high pipes, lots of chrome and braced handlebars. My mate had a CL175. The street scrambler got killed off by the invention of the trail bike.
  5. Thanks for the reviews, been a while since test riding, but remember the Rocket being a monster of a bike :shock:

    And also a fan of the Scrambler, if in the market for anything retro, gotta be on the test ride list :cool:
  6. I was so tempted to ask if I could have a go of the Thruxton. All the Netriders I've spoken to say that the riding position's really uncomfortable (and a few reviews allude to that as well), but the bike just looks so cool. :)
  7. having recently purchased a new speed triple, you definitely missed out on that demo day. Its a freight train on steroids, just pulls and pulls, split to the front of the lights and when they go green, with minimal effort and hardly any throttle your 100 meters infront of traffic. :shock: :shock: see a gap in traffic 50 meters ahead, slightly open the throttle and your there.