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Thoughts about the forthcoming GSX650F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. It's announced on the Netriders front page and other places, and there's a preview here: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=4949&Page=1

    Sounds interesting, though I think I'm still in the SV camp with possibly the ER6 and FZ6 as background options (yes, I *know* they're all different.

    Certainly opens up the mid-size range further with a fully-faired sports-tourer option and a big update over the GSX750F.

  2. looks like a nice cheap all rounder, but at 216kg its very heavy for a 650.
  3. It sounds a bit dull,

    I want a 600 with top notch suspension, brakes and engine, but a realistic seating position.

    The ZZR600 the article refers to is far more interesting, I understand this is a previous model ZX6R, so you get all the stuff above in a new bike,

    although I would just buy an earlier second hand version and pocket the savings
  4. It does seem a bit porky. Mind you, GSX750F it replaces was about the same weight... but then, it was a 750.

    I wonder if this bike will squeeze under LAMS regulations?

    In any case, this is pretty much the kind of a bike I was just complaining about Honda not having in their lineup, so kudos to Suzuki for trying. The only question is, how much? If it is cheap enough, it could prove to be reasonably popular with the 'performance isn't everything' crowd (like yours truly).

  5. You get one or the other, not both. No-one offers a fully tuned race rep 600 motor with a sports tourer seating position.

    The ZZR600 isnt the old ZX6R btw.
  6. In the US they sell the 2003 ZX636 as the 2007 ZZR600, perhaps that's what was meant.
  7. That's what happens when you build a bike with a steel frame and steel most other stuff.

    Steel is cheaper and easier to fix, but it weighs more.

    216kg is heavy for a 600 these days, but it's not a heavy bike in absolute terms.
  8. CBR600F4i. Only one place I know that you can buy it new though.
  9. Why would you consider this when the price difference for the gixxer 600 would prob be negligable.

    As for stepping stone, pleezz. 600 are pretty tame. Hell you can select the C map on the gixxer 1000 and have it ride like a 600.

    Just another model that probably meets the emissions standards easier!
  10. That was what I meant,

    I assumed that was a US website, particularly with the prices they were quoting
  11. I think you'll find that the price difference to a gixxer 600 will be significant.

    The 'new' GSX650F is really just the 'new' liquid cooled Bandit 650 with a full fairing added.

    The 1250 Bandit sells for $11990 and the 650 Bandit (whilst not sold here) is about 20% cheaper.

    If the GSX650F doesn't sell for under $10k then they are making a heap out of it.

    And a 600 Gixxer is RRP $14990 (big difference).
  12. I'd prefer to buy the Bandit 650 though. Nicer looking somehow.

    Then again i like naked things :twisted:

    Doesn't the Bandit have the option of a small fairing anyway...i seem to recall this on the UK Suzuki site.
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  14. Hmm. So whats the chances of it making t's way to US here in Oztraya?
  15. Personally i don't like the look of the faired version but the naked looks quite nice and i believe there is a decent size market for this type/style of bike atm.

    To me it's on par with looks and features of the older hornet 600 fairly basic in terms of equipment and designed (except for the new F.I. motor) All in all it looks to be a good inbetween budget motorcycle.
  16. I'm interested in this bike ,its a lot like the GS500F seating and style which I liked ,I have been looking for a bike like this ,a 650 with up right seating with a full fairing and there isn't much around.
    I looked into the Hyo GTR650 and paying extra to get normal bars put on.
    Also a Yamaha FZ6{S} and paying a extra $1000 for after market full fairing.
    And a sv650 and paying ALOT extra to put a full fairing on it and nose fairing .
    I like the Honda cbr600f ,But to much trouble to put normal handle bars on it.
    The kawasaki ER6F is in the same market ,it just seems really small ,but it's on my list.
    So there is a gap in the models ,for a sports style bike with normal handle bars and cheap .
    I hope it's around $11,000+orc ,if not I would go a FZ6s and pay the extra for a fairing if the suzuki is more that $11,000.
    The picture in the links by Suzuki look like there been taken with a phone camera :roll: ,their photographer should be SHOT!.
    Here is some pictures I found ,after a lot of looking. It looks 100 times better in these pictures......In the first link see the bottom 4 pictures.
    :grin: Looks good.



    I didn't think anyone could possibly build such a dinosaur weight bike anymore. That sort of thing belongs in the 1970's and 80's!

    My 12 year old FZR1000 weighs less than this and puts out almost twice the HP.

    For a similar new bike comparison, an FZ6N costs less than 10 grand weighs 180kg and has 99hp.

    Why am I tempted to buy an FZ6? I don't know, there's no good reason for it but I am. I like the naked streetfighter style of motorbike.
  18. I almost bought an FZ6 but the issues I heard about horrible drive lash held me back. Got the SV instead and Im loving it.
  19. I like the look of the faired GSX650F. Big problem is the weight, but make it cheap with a steel frame and solid parts rather than all ultra light and thats the price.

    216kg is probably a very realistic figure too, which you may not be able to say about all the bikes out there.

    It's always amusing when they put 20 litres of fuel in on a loan bike then whack it on the scales and it weighs 40kilo more than claimed dry weight :p