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Thought that was it for me today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Riding into uni - get to Chapel st and get in the left lane to turn left. Idiot in the right lane decides at the last minute they need to go left as well and swerves...cutting off my path. I braked. I had very little room to brake. Back of the bike started fishtailing like it's never fishtailed before and for a split second I thought I was gonna go flying, but I released the brake - all the while looking at this car I was very very very close to - and then pulled the brake on again. All in a matter of seconds.

    In those split seconds it was like I had two minds. One was freaking but also thinking 'No freakin way am I crashing!' and the other was acting all cool as though it had a life of its own..just doing things one by one...if you know what I mean. I wasn't in control of that second mind. It kinda took over...lol..if that makes sense. Am glad it did anyway. Very glad for that.

    The driver took off when I came to a stop. He was outta there. Realised his stupid stupid mistake and what he'd almost done and was gone before I could even lift my visor up to roar at him.

    I got to uni and sat down and smoked two cigarettes...texted a friend cos I had to tell someone...and sat there stunned at what had just happened.

    I swear I was going to hit them. I swear I thought I was rooted. And when I braked I was thinking 'oh no...not a freakin highside'. Hmm. Hmmph.
  2. glad you are still with us :)
  3. Hey, great recovery. Glad to hear it only cost you a few heartbeats and not a lot more.
  4. Glad you are still with us...

    Hope you are feeiling ok now..
  5. IAV, don't scare us like that. mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah.

    Glad you're ok. 50bazillion kilometres experience in the 42milliseconds you've been riding clearly came to your rescue.

    Well done. :applause:

    A pox on that driver!! :evil:
  6. ..... pity the driver is :(.
  7. an optimist can hold on to the naive thought that the driver may have learned something :?
  8. One would hope so Joel.

    I've had 'oh shit' moments before and been able to deal with them but nothing as bad as this. I imagine that those km's did come in handy Rob - was thinking that whilst sitting there smoking and thinking about it afterwards.
  9. All the skills you subconsciously learn have come into play and you did what you have played out in your mind countless times.
    I bet you felt really alive afterwards as the adrenalin kicked in.
    Good save and keep it up.
  10. Yeah, wot e sez :grin:
  11. good news, practice pays off
    shame about morons in cars though, i don't think some of them ever learn
  12. rosie wrote

    ah huh

    the lawn mower man

    i know what cha mean :LOL:

    back to your moment tho.

    its good to hear your sub consious mind is on your side. i had a strange moment once where i grabbed a fist full of brakes long before any sign of the car that pulled out in front of me. if not for that pre mature braking, i would av been squashed

    we've all had the occasional moment where we've smoked a fag or 2 outside of work or uni. it kinda makes you think.

    tis best i stop here, no one wants to read whats next

    glad you're still here mate. take care and keep your reactions in such perfect condition! good on you!

    cheers :cool:
  13. Glad you made it out in one piece Rosie.
    Gotta say the cagers on that road are pretty predictable... turning, stopping, reversing at the last minute. It may have been their fault but we bikers always come off second best. Well done for staying upright.
  14. Well done Rosie! :grin:

    Buy yourself lotto ticket and enjoy a bundy. Beating a smidsy is worth a small celebration. :) Very happy to hear you came out unhurt. Will you recognise him if you see him again? He owes you a rear view mirror. :LOL:
  15. glad to see your alright, sad to see that he didnt at least show any sympathy and sped off, At least some of the tin tops give us that!!!
  16. Nice save babe.
    Shows what practace and saddle time can earn you.
  17. wow, good work there. very impressive you didnt panic. that must have been scary. the worst part is thinking about what you could have or would have done if the stupid car hadn't sped off so quick. the asshole should've stopped to apologise and make sure you were ok.. but being a rider means we need to let go of the notion of revenge ... which is slightly difficult :twisted:
  18. I luv your work Rosie girl. I luv it! There's a few nuffies on here that could learn a lot from you.
    You're the perfect example of the difference between being a motorcycle rider, and riding a motorcycle.
    You've lived it, eaten it, slept it, breathed it....
    ...and now it's become you....
    Remember how i was trying to explain what it takes to cross over from a level 2 rider to a level 3?
    You nailed it. You kicked bottom when it counted. Freakin brilliant work.
    If you ever come across a nuffie who says you don't have to pay your dues.
    Just smile and walk away.

    When you're ready, I'll take you out for some lessons on how to take off mirrors.
    I'll teach you how to take them off in one piece so you can hand them back.
    And I'll teach you how to shatter them into a hundred pieces so they'll never be seen again.

    You can also quietly follow the car to where they park it, and just park up the road a bit where they can see you.
    Stay on your bike and be as calm as a Zen monk. I guarantee they wont be able to leave their car there without coming and saying sorry first. :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :applause: Luv it, Scheff
  19. Good to hear you are still with us Rosie :)

    With the amount of K's and riding experience you have I can't say I'm surpised that you pulled it off...you probably found that subconciously you knew the car was going to do something and you had already started to take action without realising it.

  20. well if the crazy cagers don't kill you, those two packs of smokes you chugged back in one hit sure will :p :p :p