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Thought of showing off mine too !!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by speedy300zx, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys ,
    I thought I should show off my ride too as everyone in the forum is posting pictures on.. well here it is.. Its an Aprilia RS 125- 2007 , 2 stroke-- Lorenzo Replica, I bought it about 4 mths back & have been riding it 7 days. dont even drive my car anymore.
    Soon (hopefully this week) all stickers are coming off...
    Please find attached pictures & feel free to express your thoughts.


    Harry :)

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  2. not a big fan of the 2-stroke sound bikes but fuuuarrk that bike is drop dead sexy
  3. Luuurve it, but then, I'm biased.
  4. those things sound like an angry bee.
    ring a ding ding ding...
  5. I had a couple of blue strokes/2 smokes as a young bloke, love the sound
  6. Nice bike. Post some pics when the stickers are off
  7. Guys I m having trouble with the stickers.. I can easily take them off but the MAJOR problem i m facing now is the PAINT. when I take the stickers off, its visible that the stickers have been taken off......any suggestions???
  8. Umm don't take my word for it, but maybe just wash the areas with sticker residue? or is the actual paint faded?
  9. Nice bike.. I love the 2t's!

    Are you using a heatgun to remove the stickers?? That will help with not leaving any sticky residue, or for after the fact use some simple cigarette lighter fluid.. that 'will' work....but is easier to buy a simple 'adhesive remover' from your local auto-parts store or from a lot of 'arts & craft' stores. ALSO...be sure to use a nice/clean/light towel...and a soft touch to rub it out with.

    Even an old school rubber eraser with a bit of heat can work... Hope this helps.
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  10. remove the stickers, remove all the glue and gunk, use a cutting compound and try to make the stickered area match the worn and dullish unstickered area (make sure not to cut too much or go overboard), remove all the left over residue, and finally polish it and buffer it like crazy so all areas look like new and even.
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  11. thks Azncruiser,

    I rekon I only have this choice to do what you have suggested. Shall take some time out may be next week to do all this, Figures crossed.. I hope it works out as Red paint is very difficult to work on..
    Also a big thks to all da people who put efforts to help.. Now I have options to play around with.

    Cheers Guys
  12. Its a 2008 model so I rkeon the red paint is faded & when I take a sticker off it leaves a little impression of the sticker because of the red colour. I m thinking off taking the risk & getting rid of the stickers & hope for the best.

  13. I m using the heat gun.. but the major problem I m facing is the faded paint. as the bike is red & over the period of time the color is faded a little. so lets c how i go.. I mite be able to get it all sorted out by next week( if time permits).. Figures crossed....