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Thought of buying from Zpower? Maybe think again!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by willyb, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. I (foolishly) decided to vent (mildly) to the proprietors of the Zpower website. If you don't know who they are, they are an Aussie company that supplies parts for a HEFTY mark up! Wasn't aware how much the go up by until I checked most of their gear compared to O/S suppliers.

    Felt compelled to send an email to them, just pointing out that they're not fooling anyone:
    I'm not normally one to bother but after looking over your prices, I've got
    to say something! I've been researching parts for my Vstar 650 for 3 months
    now and I realise you have to import what you sell BUT I cannot believe the
    mark ups you charge!

    Seriously, $150 for a Barons Lowering Kit!!!! $400 for a BAK!!!!!! $ 110 for
    ISO Grips and the list goes on. Taken into account import costs (and you
    have the advantage of doing so in bulk if you wish) these prices are totally

    No wonder folks just go straight to the US websites. I was wanting to by Aus
    but after looking at you're sight, my money is going overseas.

    Not impressed,


    Btw-If you're going to have 'specials' as an option on your website you
    should at least offer some products!

    And this is the charming reply I got:

    Are you SERIOUS.....
    Where do you get off trying to tell me how to run a business....
    Spend you money overseas... if it doesn't fit or they send the wrong part
    you just send it back to them right tosser.
    Oh and by the way I'm not trying to impress you.


    Suppose I shouldn't have bothered, but then again if that's how they react to a little prod...
  2. No surprise, it really pushes customers to shop overseas, I try to support local and don't mind paying a little bit for import duties and crap but their prices have always been ridiculous in my experience, always ALOT cheaper else where, good on you for giving them a chance to explain, how they threw that back in your face goes to show they don't care!
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  3. #3 Vertical C, Mar 18, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
    Why would you email someone to be rude about their prices? If you don't want to pay them don't, if others agree with you they will go out of business. That is capitalism. Wasting their time by sending them emails is just going to cause their costs to go up.
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  4. Can't see how he was rude VC. Over use of exclamation marks sure, but aside from that he was informing them how ridiculously priced their products are compared to elsewhere, and quite rightly hinting that if they were more competitive, they would stand to make a lot more business.

    As a rule of thumb as it stands, it does not matter if a customer is rude or not, when you are a professional, you take it in your stride and do what you can to serve their needs and run a successful business.
    Pauls retort was grossly out of place and pretty much cemented for me that I would 'NEVER' take my business to this store.

    Paul acted like a angst y teenager who cannot take constructive criticism and instead resorts to aggressive behavior and name calling. Aussie consumers get fcuked enough by pricing, acting like a f*ckhead to your customers is just a nail in the coffin.
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  5. Maybe this Paul thinks if the attitude works for Pen!s Stevens it might work for him
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  6. Maybe 'Paul' is sick and tired of people pointing out the obvious.

    Oh and so you all know. The customer IS NOT always right and some customers are more trouble than they are worth.
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  7. I thought Paul's response was fair enough.

    What did you expect, a standard templated answer? You had already said you were spending your money elsewhere.

    I've worked for companies importing into Australia and its bloody expensive to comply with all local regulations and freight/storage aint cheap. He might get a discount for bringing in bulk items, but then he has to store it and the cost of holding stock... as well as managing stock levels.

    After taking this into account and remembering he needs to make a living out of what he sells, plus every man and his dog is probably asking for discounts he has probably just decided to say what he feels. I don't see the problem with that.

    Anyway, I'm not Paul, and don't know him, just giving you a different perspective.

    PS. As a business, people posting up personal email responses is a reason why everyone gets standard generic replies to queries these days.
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  8. The customer in most cases is generally wrong. And tired or not, that is no way to treat possible clientele. If he gets it a lot, just use a drafted response to address their concerns.

    This just makes me think of some bloke who's woken up one day and gone, "Man how cool a bikes, I bet I could make money off of this shit. I'm gonna open a store." with zero understanding of business or customer relations.

    It's like walking up to a kids lemonade stand and suggesting if they didn't keep the ice in the sun, it might last longer, and having the 6 year old tell you to "F*ck off, you don't know shit."
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  9. It is condescending (rude) to assume that the business doesn't know that he has competitors overseas. Anyone starting a business would know who his competitors are, and not everyone chooses to only compete on price. There are many factors that cause a consumer to choose a particular supplier/product, price is only one of them. If people only bought on price then we would be all riding chinese bikes.

    If the market doesn't believe that the other value adds that the business provides is worth the price, then he will adjust his price or go out of business.
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  10. The amount of places I've been where the prices are blatantly inflated and the service is equally shit is all too common.

    With the attitude spat back, I somehow doubt this bloke is a service orientated individual. Apart from service and price, there isn't much that brings people in unless you have a rare holographic Pokemon card.

    MSY = shithouse service, great prices. People go there.
    High end centres like Audi, BMW, Ducati = sure, price is a punch in the gut, but their service is second to none. People go there.
    Paul = Shit prices, shit service. Having trouble seeing a positive.

    He very well may have better service in the store, shit he might be a loving old fart who makes you tea when you enter. But if most of his coverage is due to "F*ck' off" emails, then who the hell is going to go in and actually check it out.

    Like I said, that email response guaranteed I sure as shit wouldn't go there to check it out, and I seriously doubt I'm the only one.

    Appearances and word of mouth count for a shit tonne when you're any business aside from a global conglomerate, and even they are not completely immune.
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  11. Z power have been around for years. Old mate who whinged already told the business he was buying somewhere else so no loss there.

    I don't think the company's response was worded right, but it pretty well says what I'd say to a whinging customer.
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  12. im with vertical c on this- what sort of response were you hoping for sending off an email like that? why paul even took the time to respond is beyond me.
  13. yep- paul probably does not have time for tight arses and time wasters- he has got shit to do.
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  14. I'm wondering why you bothered. Do you send an email to Coles or Woolworths telling them their prices are marked up to much.

    Have you looked at the prices Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha charge here against what they charge overseas.
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  15. I tell potential customers to fcuk off sometimes and I laugh in the faces of idiots sometimes too. I am not here to make everyone feel better nor is any other businessman, I do find it amusing how many people think they are "expert" at business though.
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  16. Never said I was expert. But considering I've grown up in family business, my folks run a 5 star B&B which won best B&B in Aus in 2007, and have annually returning clients for going on the last 2 decades, I'd say I know at least a bit.

    I'm also the head of special operations for our medical software team in a global company pushing 100,000 employees, where I am the escalation point for our entire Australian client base.

    Yeah sure it's all wank, but I'm not some retard who never deals with the public consumer base and has no experience dealing with clients.
    I stand by my previous points. Sure, go ahead and abuse clients and customers, take on the persona of 'biatch Im busy and got shit to do.' At the end of the day, those people are paying for your god damn dinner.

    Tell one person to fcuk off, they tell 5 of their friends you run a piece of shit business, those 5 friends are now write offs for future transactions.

    It sure is one way of doing things. If you plan on any form of financial growth though, I'd reconsider.
  17. O.k team, I concede that I could have worded my email a bit better! It just that the website was charging mark ups that were totally out of wack to what the prices warranted. For example: Barons lowering kit, $71 @ Cruiser Customising & $150 @ Zpower. There 'specials' option was EMPTY. blah blah blah. They are not the only Aussie business guilty of this, I'm looking at you Chromeworld, but without people pointing out the glaringly obvious, what chance do we (the consumer) have of getting a better deal?

    I want to but from an Australian company but if you can get a much better deal elsewhere then what choice do we have?

    Btw- I may have come across as a whinger, but still didn't expect the sort of reply I received. If Paul had said something along the lines of 'we're trying our best' or 'I employ 50 hard working Mum's and Dad's' or 'I'll take your criticism under consideration' or ... then I wouldn't have bothered alerting everyone to the way they treat potential customers.

    Safe riding and good service to all!

  18. initial email and thread creation reeks of attention seeking.
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  19. Its not about winning or losing (despite what some on here might believe) its your opinion :)

    Your email to the seller may well have exceeded your daily quota of exclamation marks but he, as a salesman called you a 'right tosser' if I recall. Nothing like a retailer that has poor emotional impulse control.
  20. Not at all! Just wanted to let others know what this website was up to. My clarification and defense is simply to state my case. If I was attention seeking I would have called up talk back radio! I'd try to shut the thread down if I wasn't enjoying those bagging my intentions so much, so keep up the good work.
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