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Thought it was a good idea...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryan_a, May 4, 2008.

  1. ... to put a can of Red Bull in my bikes boot. I was even able to strap it down and all!

    After the Black Spur, at Marysville, I'm like "what is that leaking? is that my bike?". All the fellas crowd around concerned that my bike is leaking something.

    Then it clicks... The can. I open the boot and it's punctured and leaking down on the inside of my bike and down god knows where else.

    Damn it! Now I have to take that bit off and clean it all up and etc, I hope it's not on my fuses... Actually I better go check now that it's not. :roll:
  2. Does your bike have wings now?
  3. Did get an extra burst of energy after the Red Bull? :p
  4. :LOL: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Can't wait for the next installment... how do I get sticky goo out of my boot! :grin: :p
  5. oooo that sh!t is gonna be nasty to clean. :LOL:
  6. Must have been flying through the spur that day. :LOL:

    Did all those people who stopped what they were doing to lend a hand then give you a swift kick in the bum when the problem became apparent? :LOL:
  7. Yeah... it sticky.

    Just took the seat off... there's a bit of resdue around the wiring and battery, but it looks like most of it leaked out and dropped on the swingarm (and somehow ended up on the outside of the rear tyre) and then on the ground.

    No kick up the bum, I didn't think it was that bad an idea! But seriously the last time I carry any liquid in the boot :oops:
  8. I used to carry home a six pack in the boot of my old cbr on the way home from work on a friday and never had no drama's!!!Ah if only the ninja could fit more than only my wallet.
  9. sorta did the same thing for an 800km round day trip on the blade. i dont use luggage, so tucked two cans under the pillion seat.
    when i stopped for my first refreshment, i popped the seat to find that my redbull was not leaking, but a toasty warm ~50c....damn undertail exhausts :LOL:
  10. At least it wasn't a bunch of library books and a container of curry in the top box - I know what that feels like! :(
  11. It's okay, had the same happen with a couple of cans of precious amber. put the six pack in the bike's boot, and two cans punctured on a couple of bolt ends as I as pulling into my road.... got off the bike with a trail of goodness behind me. Best solution - remove the toolkit and manual, and just use a garden hose to wash it all out. Sealed batteries and Properly designed fuseboxes aren't a problem for a hose. Just don't aim at your air intake.
  12. Same issue, buit a can of burbon in the top of a fully loaded ventura bag... somehow got a puncture... and EVERYTHING smelled... :(