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Thought i was gonna get lucky tonight.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Girl i met the other week,

    sends me a sms
    "I just had my heart broken :("

    Assuming some drama with some dude she was seeing, but i was blind drunk making out with her the other week at the pub.
    anyway, after a few messages back and forth she invites me to her place to watch DVD's

    I thought to myself

    "thou who hesitates, masturbates"

    And then i thought
    "When their heart is broken, their vagina is open."

    But no.. instead her friend came around just as we were getting cosy and she is out getting drunk.

    pic for reference

    me and her


    I've lost my game.


    Anyone got any pointers ? :LOL:
  2. what does she look like sans war-paint? :shock:
  3. Shattered I'm on a dry spell so I can't help with tips :?
  4. chung, if u still want that date with stump you're on.
    <---- there's my number

    cheers :cool:

  5. Think positive !!!
  6. :cool:

    Why hello hot stuff.

    where have u been all my life
  7. thats you in your avatar?
  8. of course it's me, tis not a pic of a POOFTA like everyone thinks it is [there just isnt a face for that one]

    anywho...she went out WITHOUT you? i only just noticed that part of your first post.

  9. yes, without me.

    I assume she is currently being railed by 5 black guys.
  10. better luck next time mate. :roll:
  11. Thanks Pimp Daddy.

    Looks like you have the ladies swarming over you on the internets on a Saturday night
  12. no she isnt! she's wondering why u didnt join them and feels rejected 2 fold, or trying to score and only getting those who harass rather than seduce.

    she may get a real dud root and not have it out of her system till next week
  13. D stump, what time u go to bed ?
  14. im not upset!!!!!!!
  15. sometimes i dont get there
  16. :rofl:
  17. I see fear in your eyes in that photo Wang.
  18. You sir, should've hit it with reckless abandon.

    Maybe next time you're out you could ask if she has a cute brother?
  19. Get a tan?? :LOL: :LOL: JK man, why didnt you hit up the night life with her, to bring her up to your intoxicated state :wink:
  20. i know i need a tan!!

    she has tan = layer of make up, makes me look like a albino :evil: