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Thought I should finally say hello.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sblack, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Well, I signed up back in August when a google search led me to the site. A few searches on the site and whatever questions I had back then where answered and I forgot about the site till about a month ago when another google search led me back here.

    This time I actually started reading the forums regularly, replying and have been on my first NR ride but I kinda just skipped the introduction of myself part.

    So sorry for my bad manners and here's a little about me.

    My name is Shane, I'm 31 and I live in Albion Park. Had my bike licence for a couple of years now but only in the last few months have had the pleasure of owning a bike again and being able to ride . My wife Sharon has currently got her Ls so we've got a couple of learner legal bikes to share between us for now. Suzuki GN250 and GS500e.

    We also have a couple of kids, Alex who is 7 and Noah who turns 1 tomorrow.

    Look forward to meeting up with more of you, and seeing those I met on the first ride again on some rides in the future.


  2. Welcome to NR Shane !
    Even Google cannot but help coming back to NR :p
  3. welcome aboard :grin: :biker:
  4. Hey there Shane, let's get together for a blat up to the Pie Shop one day :).
  5. Welcome Shane.

    Another Wollongong rider joins the club :wink:
  6. Welcome Shane :wink: I got here the Google way too.
  7. Welcome Shane & Sharon to 2 wheels :wink:
  8. And, having said that on Friday who should I meet at the Pie Shop yesterday afternoon??? :LOL:
  9. So.....you were the people responsible for the lack of apple turnovers yesterday!

    :) :) :)