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thought i had uncommon name.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. heres me thinking niall isnt a common name so i get all excited when somone suggests a number plate i can get NIA11 perfect. so i get home a look it up straight away.

    BUT SOMONE HAS IT. never in my 18 years of living have i ever meet anyone else with the same name and now there is somone with not only the same name but had rides a bike and got the license before me.

    dam dam dam dam.


  2. maybe it's not his name but he likes nitric acid and is 11 yrs old!
  3. Maybe it wasn't another Niall but 11 Nias.
  4. or he joined the National Institute of Accountants when he was 11
  5. Niall C T40 Taloombi St Cronulla 2230(02) 9523 5891
    Niall David21 Prospect St East Ballina 2478(02) 6686 7912
    Niall E17 Lawson St Lalor Park 2147(02) 9622 2310
    Niall J1 Alice St Caringbah 2229(02) 9525 2489
    Niall J12 Bardwell Rd Mosman 2088(02) 9968 4176
    Niall Keane Electrical31 Churchill Ave Wagga Wagga 26500417 276 835
    Niall N32 Mirral Rd Caringbah 2229(02) 9540 4515
    Niall P31 Wilga Rd Caringbah 2229(02) 9525 1766
    Niall P D39 Great Buckingham St Redfern 2016(02) 9698 9772
    Niall P I109 Tomaree Rd Shoal Bay 2315(02) 4981 2958
    Niall R33 Arthur St Lavender Bay 2060(02) 9955 8860
    Niall R109 Salisbury Rd Stanmore 2048(02) 9517 3082
    Niall W8 Brown St North Parramatta 2151(02) 9630 4890

    Guess you gotta make a few phone calls eh??
  6. [img:215:319:e8a486e4de]http://www.rizla-suzuki.co.uk/images/team/profiles/niall.jpg[/img:e8a486e4de]
  7. OI pete the freak ... if I was one of those people & found out that someone had gone trollin through whitepages I would be pretty pissed to see my name, address & ph number up there