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Thought breaking a bike was expensive?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by duncan_bayne, May 23, 2008.

  1. Try breaking a plane :shock: Just got the insurance excess for the Evektor Sportstar I, errr, landed heavily a while back. The club (RVAC) is meeting half of it, but the other half of the excess is still $1250 :(

  2. Ouch.

    Lesson 1:

    Never EVER EVER try to fly a plane on to the runway. There should be absolutely NO forward pitch movement when landing. Quite the opposite infact. If you bounce on to the deck, fair chance your carrying too much speed so once shes back off the ground again, maintain back pressure and try and keep her in the air as long as possible. Even then, you could still have enough time to apply full throttle and keep her flying and perform a very late go round. Im sure theyve already taught you this tho. Lesson learned.

    Lesson 2: Dont give up. The day you grease her onto the deck (not even feeling the wheels touch down) is a very very rewarding one!!!

    You been solo yet?
  3. You ar flying planes? and worried about 1200 bucks? I don't get it...
  4. You need some perspective!

    $1200 = like... 33 cases of beer :eek:

    That's some pretty serious financial shit to anyone orright.
  5. Holy crap man 33 CASES!!! You poor bastard :shock:

    You are right Ktulu...that hit home... maybe someone should start a charity for the poor bugger :)
  6. What's the saying? A landing is anything you walk away from. A good landing is one where the aircraft can be used again :grin: .
  7. Best not fly anything really high performance or do short field work mate........nothing wrong with a firm landing if it means you can get teh brakes happening RIGHT NOW for a short field. Mind you, I never really had a problem getting teh airspeed right for when I touched down, I seem to do a smooth descent to when teh wheels touch, and just have a knack for ensuring that point is when teh wing has done it's thing. Probably all the grass runway work I did during training, plus an excellent instructor.
    However, pushing the gear through the wings, probably a wee bit hard!
    I know where you are coming from with your advice though, the scariest thing I have seen is a guy who didn't fly his Mooney much doing touch and go's. Every landing, he was forcing the nose down, sometimes to the point of the mains being off the ground, but the nose on the ground. As you may know, a Mooney doesn't have much prop clearance at the best of times......

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. it sounds to me like you need to stay well away from any kind of vehicle with an internal combustion engi :? ne
  9. Sounds like you are maintaining the aviation industry's perfect safety record though, in that you've never left one up there :wink:
  10. i bike-plane would be awesome...
  11. Wheel burrow!