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Those who know and those that don't

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TYRUSS, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Posting on netrider I'm begining to think that the majority of riders here are new or have less than 100,000km of real world experiance. I can say that I've been riding bikes for 35 years but I only have 18 years of everyday in traffic riding experience. In particular I read of some people with fears about lane splitting were I'm scared not to. So how many years and Km of experiance do you folks have ? I would have more than 500,000km logged so far.

  2. I heard a comment the other day that was so true, many people have 20 years riding experience, but in actual skill level it's really just 20 x 1 year.
    So the moral here is, if you learn to ride a motorcycle the correct way, a person with 1 years experience can have the same skill level as someone with 20 years riding experience.
  3. actually i have maybe 30 mins of riding experience lol .. just got bike other day .. sitting my L's test on the 17th and the bike will be the only transport i'll have. so i should clock up HEAPS of time on the bike though :)
  4. Very true. They are u sualy found riding Harleys on weekends.
  5. Riding 2.2 years with roughly with roughly 47,000km.
  6. anyone who thinks that the more km's the more exprience is out of ttheir head do you think say some that has done say 100,000km's of highway riding has more experience then someone who has done 20,000 of hard riding through twisties?

    if you think that you are sorely mistaken, experience has to be judge on the kind of riding been done not the amount of riding, its common sense that anyone can go flat out in a straight line but put it through a bend and lets see what you really have

    i dont care if a rider has done 5,000kms or 1,000,000 its really has no specific mean to anything, if its just cruising
  7. And if its "just cruising" and being done safely, whats it matter?
  8. thats not the point i am trying to make, like i said you cant judge experince be the amount of k's one has travelled, its the kind of roads that are ridden, conditions in which you are riding i say whoopdy doo to anyone who says i have ridden xxxx k's then turns around and says i wont ride in the rain
  9. What he said. Someone's experience may be specific to exactly what they do, commuting has a different attitude and skillset (if you want to live that is!) to weekend riding in the hills, dirt riding or long distance point to point riding.
    Some people also seem to forget that skills they used to have atrophy if they are not used, and when they try to cash in on these skills, find them rusty and not up to the task, so I'll listen to someone with current riding knowledge over someone who used to ride 30k kms a year 20 years ago (no specific persons implied).

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. thank you andrew that is exactly what i wanted to say :LOL:
  11. This post makes a lot more sense.
    Skills have little to do with total k's or how quick we get through twisties.
    Its about being aware of whats around you. Knowing that cagers may pull out even if they have stopped. Spotting potential road hazards. Knowing your bikes limits and knowing your own limits in all conditions and many other things. :)
  12. Valentino Rossi is of course a far better rider than I am, BUT in traffic I am a far better rider than he is simply because of experience in traffic.
    This site has so many people who are full of agro, very un-biker like, is the agro a reflection of some sort of inadiquicys (sorry about the spelling) or do we have to many car drivers who are transposing their attitude to bikes ???
  13. Mr Rossi gets my nod.
  14. what do you think valentino only rides on the track???
  15. My 47k roughly km have been hard riding Empty roads, freeways, traffic, twistes, storms you name it i've ridden on it/in it, except snow :shock: . As everyone has said before its not about how many km you do, because at 1 year of riding i don't mean to toot my own horn but oh well im using me as an example, i was better then those who have been riding a xxx amount of years with xxx amount of km done.
  16. To answer the question, about 8,000 km and 8 months on this present bike, this time, and then maybe another 10,000 of both dirt and road 20 years ago. In one sense I don't count the old experience, because it was so long ago, but it does definitely contribute skills and 'feel' that I definitely would not have had if I'd got on a bike for the first time last year.
  17. i think the agro is a reflection of your original post, sorry but your 35yrs of riding personally to me doesnt make you a better rider, yet you make out with that particular post that you are in fact king sh!t and we should all bow down in front of you because you have ridden bikes for 35 yrs and done over 500,00kms

    treat the other members with respect and you will get it in return, saying " judging by peoples posts on netrider they have only been riding for 12 months or have less then 100,000 real life experience'

    shame on you, you are showing arrogance that is not warranted
  18. What I said about agro ? hay speed geek oopps sorry, :rofl: freak !
  19. Hmm,

    Never underestimate your ability to overestimate your ability.
    I agree that XX years and XX km doesn't make a person a better rider than someone with less years and km experience.

    I do however believe that Netrider has a large number of noobs who "think" because they have been riding their Lams dunger or 250CC toy bike for 6 months and they can drag 6 cylinder cars from the lights, that they are such skilled riders.

    A proficient rider isn't made based on the years riding or km travelled.
    In fairness to some of the mature people in here, consider that if someone has 35 years riding experience, and they ride regularly and have covered hundreds of thousands of km, well they are still here to tell you about it, so they must be either very lucky or at least a reasonable rider to have survived this long.
    When you noobs can make such statements, then perhaps your self estimate of your abilities will be better warranted.
    That's not to say noobs are all bad riders who have no idea, but experience is something that comes with time.
  20. say what you want, i dont really give a rats, you are obviously set on your ways.
    just try thinking about the fact what you call experience and what other call is experience is going to be different everytime
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