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those two c_cks who raped that girl

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by OldBellHelmet, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. no i dont know their names or neither do i care.. my only question is how can they even attempt to ask that their sentance be reduced for crap like 'i cant study' or 'go to work'.. should have thought about that before you acted out your completely gutless act shouldnt you !. at least with a reduced amount of time in the bighouse the chance of them coming out alive is greatly reduced.. good f_cken luck a$$holes. now go over there and suck mummys d_ck.

  2. Which commutes their sentence to 35 years...

    BTW, this thread is a point in favour of why we should have guns.
  3. guns . yes.
    im not going to say i know all about the case but FFS who do they think they are... burn a$$holes.
  4. i heard about this and felt the same way - why on earth are we reducing these pieces of ****'s sentences?
  5. so the 'real' crims can teach em a 'real' lesson..hope they're in general population..
  6. Probably not! They probably would be under some form of protection... Bring back the old ways
  7. mate its easier to be in jail for some.. three squares a day, free gym and your own room.. send chopper in there.
  8. they should have been shot
  9. but only through one of their tiny little balls.. then a few hours later the next one.. followed by a blow torch and a pair of pliers
  10. Link? I must be living in a cave, I've got no idea what you're talking about...
  11. just some low life pieces of scum..
  12. ditto..?
  13. The two you are talking about are the Skaf brothers.....
    They got put away for multiple gang rapes.


    This was a huge case, as there was plenty of controversy over the actions of members of the jury, as well as plenty of media coverage of the severity of their attacks, etc...
  14. a$$holes... thats what i know.
  15. Ahh those little turds. Ok I hadn't heard they'd had their sentence reduced. Personally I think their sentence should include mandatory anal **** for the two of them on a daily basis.
  16. im sure it will now
  17. Anyone want to joint me in a 'remake' of Boondock Saints..?

  18. well everyone must know im in..
  19. These are the tossers that claimed that they didn't know **** was a crime :roll:

    and still i hear people troll on about how religion doesn't hurt anyone.... The damage all starts in the mind...