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Those RTA announcement LED signs...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hyssy, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. On the way in to work this morning, must have been about 6:30, going up the other side of Roseville bridge towards the city they've put one of those road signs up to start the NYE harbour bridge closing blurb.

    Well on my way past it, it flashes up with "You have been l33t hax0red, Police targetting..." Missed the rest as I went by but almost pissed myself laughing. First time I've seen those things hacked or what not. :LOL:

    And while I'm here, anyone got a black Blackbird that keeps seeing a red viffer around the northern beaches. Very courteous nod the other day if you're on here :p

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  3. bwahahahahaha!!!

    thats awesome! ive been thinking about doing something like that one night to the one they have on the freeway near the kororoit creek road turnoff.. absolutly gold work!
  4. Ah yes well we have two, yep that's right TWO of those signs .
    One informing visiting P & L holders they now have to be a zero reading in NSW. Actually this sign is on the wrong side as it should be in Yarrawonga before they get on the bridge, not on Mulwala side before they go into Yarra.

    The other is sign is No Horse Floats etc permits required blah blah blah, while the security dude has now set up camp on the Yarra side as your coming off the bridge
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. lol - i didnt see the one you saw originally, but yesterday it had "sign hackers win" or something along those lines (at the rosville bridge).

    it was back to normal this morning.
  7. Yeah I saw it this morning. Was a little disappointed it was back to normal :p
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  9. Yeah theres one near me that was reading 'INSERT MEMORY CARD' for a couple of days. So assuming you knew the data structure (probably just a txt file in the root directory) you could put whatever you want on it.

    And couldn't be too hard to figure it out, find the memory card, yank it. Then check where the message is stored on the card, change it then replace and viola.
  10. more like-
    open door (A)
    Reset text.
    type it in on qwerty keyboard.
    press enter
  11. That's Gold :grin:
  12. there are two doors, one has vents, this is where the generator is situated.
    the other has the controls.
    take a dolphin torch, there will be clear instructions as to how to change it, it IS done by roadworkers after all. do it at night though, being busted is a hefty fine :)
  13. You don't know how tempted I am to change the one near me. It currently says 'New speed camera ahead'. Its a 60 zone.. I'd love to change it to 'New speed limit, 70kmh' :rofl:
  14. Thats mean^^^

    but funny, youd be so burned hey, nest thing you know ur on a ACA and your the "typical aussie battler"

    mang " i really hate current affairs shows" but the best stories are the ones like which bateries last the longets etc, that stuff is useful to know.
  15. hey Jared...if you do change that sign give me a heads up alrite...
  16. What does this mean? Hackered? Hacked? Don't get it.
  17. Hehe I wouldn't have posted if I intended on actually doing it :grin:

    And moog, its 'leetspeak' for hacked.
  18. zomg n00b! lulz
  19. w00t
    u pwnt him good