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Those motorcycle cops are sneaky

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snuff3r, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. So, i'm riding around the foreshore in Pyrmont at lunch and had a clear road, nothing behind me. I automatically gave it a blip without thinking. Because i'm used to riding a 250 i didn't realise i'd hit 90kph in secs. Dropped the accel and used engine braking, looked in the mirrors.. "hmm, that is a spectacularly white bike".

    Fricken cop bike, so i pulled up in a parking spot and adjusted my gloves.. cop rode by and gave me a massive nod. Hah.

    Just wanted to say they're sneaky.
  2. Did you adjust your left one first?
  3. Hate them with a passion, i lost my license to one of them. he was hiding behind those NRMA emergency phones on the side of the freeway with his radar lol .. btw this was when i had my car :p sneaky indeed
  4. I thought one was screaming up behind me on Southern Cross Drive yesterday doing $1.30 - turns out it was an ambulance. A wave of relief swept over me as I saw our most trusted profession on their way to a job.
  5. lmao :D
  6. Get your speedo fixed.
  7. thought adf was our most trusted organistation?
  8. I got the nod from a MC copper on Macquarie st in the city...I nearly fell off my bike. :grin:
  9. A couple of weeks ago, I got a nod in the morning on the way to work by a bike cop sitting with his arms folded on top of the hill along West Botany St, when I got to work my brother in law commented on impressive nod haha.

    I think I saw you, about 5:10pm? lol.
  10. Trigger finger is getting itchy:demon:
  11. There may be a need for a special Noderator.
  12. OP wasn't about nodding, nothing to see here.
  13. Maybe not but it was developing a dangerous trend.
  14. Nod a chance smee.
  15. That's really sneaky. Hide everything, those phones.
  16. The AMBULANCE was going 130, I was doing 80 in an 80 k zone, honest officer
  17. you rang?
  18. Where's the Noderator application form?

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  19. This thread needs killing. With fire. Cleansing fire.
  20. Steady up mate, use a bit of noderation.