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Those FLOWER stickers on car rear windows ?????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Help me out here guys !
    I think i'm out of the loop !

    Remember back in the early 90s - NO FEAR and OAKLEY THERMONUCLEAR stickers were all the rage on car rear window stickers.
    Then late 90s the ethnic community :LOL: made CHAMPION stickers popular.
    And recently, chics with Barinas made BAD biatch popular ! . . .
    And around the same time, the playboy bunny symbol seemed to pop up everywhere !!!!

    Well, i've noticed now the latest fashion are those flower stickers on the corners of car rear windows. Dunno what type, probably Hibiscus or Boganvillia type of flowers, usually pink or yellow giving that islander tropical look . . . . anyway. . .

    Whats the go ?
    What is the brand advertising ?
    Is it a chic thing ?
    Does your cage have these gay flower stickers on the rear window ?
    Is someone thinking of making small ones to put on their visor ? :rofl:
  2. Yo Mickyb - I cant help you with the flower thing (am guessing it will be hibiscus & probably for some surf mob like Billabong or whatever) but Welcome to the VCC V9 :grin:
  3. I wanna V number.
    Gimmi Gimmi, Do i need a V-twin?
    they're poo.
  4. They're Frangipani's!!!!! They don't mean much except that they look pretty...i guess just like the ducati symbol. :wink:

    I was thinking about one for my tank. Make my 'Big Bertha Bandit' more feminine as someone so gracefully put it...

    Now, micky theres a GREAT christmas idea. Write it down, Frangipani stickers for Panthus. :grin:
  5. You remember those "Magic happens" stickers that were cool a year or two ago??

    I saw this one on a beat up old sh1tbox ute that read "Tragic Happens", almost wet myself laughing...
  6. Micky, who gave you your V :? your meant to go through an initiation process first :twisted:
  7. hmmm.... i ride a V2 but not sure on this initiation. :?
  8. Drew, you passed with flying colours..remember, outside the BMW building :wink: :LOL: :p
  9. Ummm no they weren't
  10. :eek: Oh dear... :eek:hno: Caz, you better read the Boney M thread. :LOL:

    Matty & Drew...I'm leaving initiations to the boss...Unless..... ;) :LOL:
  11. aparently i have already passed :grin:

    so how do i get a v10 added to my name??
  12. I thought you'd want to be V2 :?:
  13. didn't realize it was available....

    yep V2 will do just fine thanks :grin:
  14. I think it began as a little bit of an 'asian thing'...
  15. i've never actually put a sticker of any type on a car i've owned.

    i've never really been one for following popular trends.
  16. Bring back the HOT TUNA stickers I say,
  17. I've found those Frangipanni stickers mean stay the hell away, bad, really bad, driver on board. Just like the Magic Happens ones.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I'm also pretty wary about vehicles with "Conargo Pub" stickers, or anything else that implies the driver's fond of circle work outside the B&S Ball. :LOL:
  19. Mickyb already has a xmas present for S !

    I better return it then, and get the agapanthus stickers instead ! :p
  20. While they're at it, Crow Cams and Bad Girl stickers - daresay 99% of them who hasd them on their cars even have an idea of the product or concept :wink: