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Those few seconds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. I am sitting here on my first day off Christmas holiday, but I am still shaken by something that I experienced yesterday that has rattled me.

    we (wife and learner son) were halfway through a 220km ride in A grade Adelaide hill roads. (For the A grade riders on here, we always move over for them, as we don't want to ruin their gun rides)

    anyway we are near palmer which is 80 - 100kph sweeping bends with rolling hills to enjoy. Throughout the ride, I have my mirror check for 2 headlights always behind me to know all is good. I do this almost subconsciously every 10 - 15 seconds or so just to make sure. I head towards a fast sweeper, get around nice and safe, road straightens, check the mirror.......only a car. no bikes in sight. keep looking as a slow right down, no bikes. do a u turn, and this is the part that my mind starts playing games on me. I head back towards the sweeper, and wonder what will I see? my wife smashed or my son, or both?. its a horrible feeling but I soon saw 2 bikes crawling along as I do another uturn and do thumbs up, with 2 thumbs up back. I didn't make them stop again, but found out later that a wasp or bee snuck under my wife helmet and was bussing around in her face. lucky for her didn't sting her before she stopped and let it out. we still did the other 120kms and all was good.

    sometimes....you can arrive home, from a nice ride and know you were lucky that day. we were yesterday.
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  2. Got to say it takes iron control to keep your attention fixed on the road with an angry bitey inside your helmet :eek:
    Glad it worked out okay, hopefully next time it happens she will remember to stay calm until stopped.
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  3. Good stuff jp , glad everything was ok ! I suffer from mild alergy to bee stings (not life threatening level) so I can sympathise .
  4. Riding 'for' the other people on the ride is a particular discipline, and it brings with it all sorts of stress. Glad your's worked out ok.
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  5. good on you for letting your loved ones ride with you & its obvious that you care for them so much......my wife has asked if she could learn to ride so that we can share a hobby together even though she has no real interest in bikes, that's very loving & selfless off her, but there is no way in hell i am gonna let that happen

    she's even in tried to chase me down in her car!
  6. This happened to me the other day... waited in the dirt for partner for 5 minutes, turned around almost in tears and he came round the corner -.- those moments are the ones I hate!
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  7. That's why I don't particularly like leading rides these day - too much stress to really enjoy my own ride.