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Those Dangerous Spots

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Well guys, on my way to see lenna last night, left work a bit earlier then normally and thought to myself... that springvale road would be the quickiest way to get to kew from dandy... instead of the way i normally go, ie down stud to canturbury road and then onto springy road.... and due to the time i thought springvale might be a bit clearer.. so with that in mind off i go and knowing i was running late for he meeting ( i decided against better judgement) and as i am riding into springvale (on springvale road) i can see the main street shops either side people everywhere, cars backed up busy as usual, my heart sank, as i looked ahead and it that horrible feeling came over me of am i going to make it to the other end gauntlet, (the few time i have been through there i have been cut off, by cars laning lanes, pulling out of car spaces, people walking in front of you and even had a dog on road once) but yeah it's just one of those stretchs of road, that i hate to ride/drive.... and last night was no exception..... i don't think i will ever go through there again, it just scares the shit outta me..... it's like the scene from Indiana Jones when he runs the gauntlet

    Anyway got me thinking is there anywhere that scares the shit outta people so much that refuse to ride (p.s. nothing against the people that live their, but i myself just find it a dangerous section of road. (Apart from reefton) ;) :p
  2. Yup, anywhere near a school during pickup time.
  3. I can't think of anywhere I'm cared to ride my bike.

    Plenty of places I wouldn't park it though...
  4. thanks pete :oops: :LOL:
  5. nurries brother, I live to give.
  6. The danger begins the moment you put your helmet on.
    I can't really say any one particular location is any more dangerous than another, but I will say it is a timing thing.... peak hour, school bell time and saturday mornings in any shopping strip area all seem to be the worst.
    I ride in all conditions and on all roads, regardless of time and place.
    Every situation is different and I treat them accordingly.
    What can I say..I am brave :)
    On my way to the ITS focus group the other day with Vic, it was a bit hair raising in parts, but having Vic with his super loud pipes infront sure made a big difference, the cars seperated like prostitutes legs as soon as they heard him give the throttle the slightest of twists, well nearly all....
    one guy on toorak rd did get his mirror adjusted for doing a non headcheck lane change :LOL: not by me though :p
    The trip on the monash in peak hour was real fun, lanesplitting in moving traffic, gotta love that :wink: I felt like the ghost rider :cool: We passed Lil somewhere along Springy rd in her cage, not sure where but we got to the place in Burwood rd about 10 minutes before she did.
    Its about assessing the situation and treating it with the required attitude to suit.
  7. Westall & Blackburn Roads are a much better option at any time other than at around 4am :wink:

    Just wait until you get a couple of suburban and country train trundle through in a row at peak times and see the queue size increase in a hurry :roll:
  8. I know what you mean stewy, I once saw a snatch and grab right there - eventhough the cop shop is just opposite, some young fella just ran out onto the streets jumping over car bonnets... every one just watched and then carried on.

    I once rode down there on a Saturday... faggeddabowdit
  9. any where near southbank on a friday night, you should see all the d1ckwads on motorbikes around there riding up the foot path :p :biker:
  10. I am fully aware of this with all that has happened.... but i have always ridden with the idea that everytime i pull that helmet on might be the last time i walk/talk/breathe another breath... that the risk and thats the risk i am prepared to take

    Am fully aware of this too and generally i consider myself to beable to read the traffic quite well, but that place just never feels safe to me no matter how i ride through there, but hey thats just me :wink:
  11. Hi Stewy :)

    Can't say i am scared to ride anywhere just some locations can be a bit more hairy than others...Warragul Rd and North Rd are 2 prime examples where you need a few extra pairs of eyes for the cagers who leave theirs at home for the morning/afternoon commute
  12. I find Sydney Road in Brunswick can be pretty bad and Punt road aint great either.

    What frightens me the most is when people are turning right and cars bank up behind them. The blocked cars are guaranteed to take-off suddenly into the left hand lane. Sometimes they don't check the oncoming traffic properly.... my last accident was caused by someone doing that. That spot was Fitzgerald Street (Alexander Drive?), North Perth. It's a shocker.
  13. Yep; always extra alert when coming across such traffic conditions & always hug the
    left wheel track on extreme left lane just in case some moron does pull out.
  14. In Brisbane coming up the northern side of Mt Glorious there is a hairpin turn that is posted at 20kmh, just as you get almost through the turn there is a patch of corrugated bitumen that could really sit you on your butt if you didn't know it was there. Scares the crap out of me every time even though I know it's there.
  15. Unfortunately in this situation I did just that and had slowed to way below the speed limit. The bastard pulled out when I was probably less than 10m away. The road just wasn't wide enough (it is particularly narrow there). The bike went down and slid along the ground. Not sure if the tail of his car actually hit me or not. Got nice scars on my arm anyway.
    Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do..... freaked me out for quite some time afterwards, since they drove off as well (though someone chased him down and got the licence plate number).
  16. Very true.

    Good; & hopefully they get charged with leaving the scene of an accident.
  17. Stewy, I'm with ya brother. Riding safely is all about road positioning. Sometimes its about road avoidance. Springvale Rd in Springy is definately one of them. Unfortunately its between my place and the Frankston freeway.
    Centre Rd Bentliegh is on the hot list too.
    Balaclava/E.St.Kilda on a Sat is another.
    Dandenong Market on a Sat Morn is shitzen as well. The roads shoot off in all directions and the visitors often find themselves in the wrong lane when its too late.

    I was somewhere the other day playing Dodge Them cars, but i cant remember.....oh well, if i do....

  18. Theres a huge round-a-bout i have to get through on my way to work, it has 5 or 6 entrances to it, it has a downward camber, always oil on it, always busy, and cars always race through there without looking.

    Everytime i go through it, i'm hovering both brakes, revving the bike when cars are hesitating or don't see me, going slow and keeping it upright.

    sucks balls.
  19. Punt Road coming up the hill from either direction at Domain Road. More often than not there are cars waiting to turn right both ways and, even though they can't see past the cars opposite waiting to turn, they'll still try to pull out :roll: . I've seen many bikes down there. I've noticed recently that a "Safety Camera" has been installed, but I don't go through as often to know if its made any difference.

    Another spot is Punt Road at Swan street heading north where the bus lane is between the Swan street/Brunton avenue lanes and the straight-ahead lanes. Cagers can't seem to follow lines on the road and because the north-bound light changes are so short, people want to push their way through :roll:

    The Pricess street Kew roundabout with the 6 entrances onto it can be hairy at times as well. Cars heading towards the freeway very rarely look and there are often limited opportunities to pull out if you are not on Princess street (especially in peak hour).

    ...and of course, there's Reefton... :wink: :LOL: