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Those crazy cagers....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. On Friday, while riding home, I was in the right lane of traffic overtaking a white station wagon. As I neared the drivers door I looked over at the driver. I was shocked to see that he was gripping the steering wheel with his forearms, while holding a pen in one hand & a notepad in the other!!! he was resting the notepad on the top of the steering wheel & writing while driving!!! Shocked, I kicked it down a gear & pulled away from the madman.

    I mentioned this incident to my BF who said "That's nothing - there's a guy I pass on my way to work every day who eats his cereal out of a bowl while driving at 80kph up main north rd.".

    Anyone seen any cagers do anything as crazy (or crazier!) than this while driving???
  2. seen a woman putting eye shadow on

    seen a guy reading the newspaper over the top of the steering wheel

    saw a guy seemingly having a quick sleep at the wheel while the woman in the passenger seat was steering :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. May the gods help us! I remember one time, me and me mate where havin a kebab one night, and to our amazment, we both saw this car fly by, with the guy driving the car with his hands behind his head, I saw one lady though, put the makeup on...while driving. Some people should not breed and have a licence.
  4. If you want to see crazy just sit near the exit of a fast-food drive-thru and watch all the idiots pull out into traffic whilst also trying to eat their lunch/breakfast (seen one pull out drinking a coffee and talking on a mobile at the same time - driving with one elbow).
  5. I had a gf who used to get changed into/out of work clothes and put her make up on/do her hair whilst commuting on the calder and into the city. Kind of impressive to watch the multi tasking but also scary as hell...she saw nothing wrong with what she was doing....
  6. jeeezus :shock: :roll: :shock: :roll:

    thats disgraceful
  7. But of course speeding kills....
  8. S'pose it would depend on how undressed she got getting changed as to how distracting it would be for the other drivers around her :wink:
  9. You want wierd cager behavior? Out at the black spur on sunday......a cage actually MOVED OVER TO LET ME THROUGH ALL ON HIS OWN. Faaark, wonders will never cease. Was so surprised the oppotunity was nearly lost.
  10. I know its illegal to be on the blower (phone) while driving because of the attention deficit .... but does anyone know if its illegal to be driving and have to blower on you :wink:
  11. Passed a guy the other week (dual lanes, 80k limit) steering with his knees (OK, the road was straight), mobile in one hand and index finger of the other hand jammed up his nose. Felt like slowing and giving him a serve but I feared for my life!
  12. You should have waved i would have waved back...
  13. Yes, I think someone must be handing out, courtesy cards to the cagers around that area. There is no way that these cagers would actually do that on their own accord..... good lord of course not :LOL: :LOL:

    I had 5 or 6 cagers move for me when I was there 2 weeks ago :p

    Trust me I was as shocked as the next person :shock:
  14. If her seatbelt isn't on it probably is :LOL:

    (I've seen that once when I passed a car out near Warragul :wink: )

  15. I saw an L plater eating spaghetti while driving a 4wd with mum in the passenger seat.
  16. i dont know what it is with some drivers.....its way scarey.

    just this morning on my way to work i was behind this guy who was going APE SHT because someone had their indicator going and wanted to merge lanes in front of him. Then, just to get around them again.....he cuts someone else in the right hand lane off!!!

    bloody knob jockies.......
  17. I was driving in England and I saw an indian guy driving while

    - reading a news paper
    - eating what looked like 2 curries
    - and he had a nan bread
    - and he was taking a drink now and then so that was somewhere there too

    And this was on a motorway. I think I was doing about 85miles an hour so 135k/h so he was about the same. Crazy!!!!!!
  18. that would be me :) i'm the only driver i know / have seen in sydney pull that. i actually developed driving with my knees into an artform, driving the entire way to and from work every day driving with knees, m4, m7 you name it. i actually find i have the same control with my knees, and have customised my driving position to suit it. (im a tall guy, i wouldnt like to see people with short legs attempt this.)

    anyway, i have such control that i can make right hand turns at roundabouts while doing it, although i usually keep a hand near the wheel in case of emergencies. was that kebab shop near blacktown?
  19. Undressed enough. Watching other drivers reactions was part of the fun :grin:
  20. There is always someone who has to descend the thread into debauchery. Unfortunately it is me this time(and this isn't one of those "I have a friend who..." stories ie. it truly wasn't me).

    Had a mate who said he was driving in the middle of a 1300km trip which he did many times a year and was on an open, quiet, country road and decided to have a wank. Reckons it took him about 7km at 100km/h. There was no traffic as it was right out in the middle of nowhere. Won't go into details, which unfortunately he did when first telling the story.