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Those big long rides....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Just wondering how many people on here do it?

    Bikes are pretty cheap to get places, so I've been keen to go to Adelaide and Sydney and such. Just places i could get to with 1 full day of riding...

    Just wondering how your bum holds up? How sore does it get?
    Reckon these treks are do-able on a 250 in 1 day?

  2. I did Brisbane to Sydney in one hit, when I bought my bike.

    I think the 6R made the trip a lot better than it otherwise would have been on my old 250.

    Had to stop for fuel, food, toillet and to clean bugs off the visor; but otherwise I wasn't a cripple of anything when I finally got home.
    Was sore, but a good hot shower fixed everything.

    ... didn't want to get back on the bike for a couple of days though :)

    All said and done, I wished I'd just planned to take longer for the trip and stopped in and visited/stayed with family, or friends off bike forums on the way.
  3. like anything you get used to it, a ride day that is under 350km now hardly seems worth going on :LOL:
  4. I did 400kms in one day on a CB250. Arse was killing me.

    Did melbourne to adelaide in one day on a Hornet 600.
    Was really drained at the end there, and had a sore arse, mind you we'd been riding for a week...
  5. Back in the UK, I used to do 550 kms in a day on a Honda C90 Step-Thru (best time, 11 hours 20 mins) and then 550 kms back two days later. Hard work but not crippling.

    After that, even a slow 250 feels like a Gold Wing and can take you anywhere :grin: .

    If you want some practice, plot out a big circuit around your home and see if you can cover it in a day. It shouldn't be too hard to work out a 5-600 km circuit that will let you make a home run of no more than 80-90 kms if you decide you've had enough.
  6. Fixed that for ya... :p
  7. Sure its doable and how sore you get depends a lot on the individual.

    However long distance over the shortest period of time often means having to take the most boring direct route. If you want to travel a long way, then you are far better off allocating a decent time to do it so that you can plan an interesting route and actually enjoy the trip rather than spending 10+ hours fanging down a long boring highway wishing for at least one corner to eventuate....
  8. Thats a really good idea dude! I remember when i first got my bike, the day after i got it, i went...

    Anglesea - Apollo bay - cape otway - colac - Moriac - Anglesea

    All round trip of just under 300kms
    Its about 5 hours worth of riding the way i went.
    On the way home i had winds so bad my arms got sore from holding on...

    Not a bad effort. I remember afterwards i felt so sore and tired...
    But that was the day after i got it. Now i'm used to riding :D

    Yeah, i think i'll plot a route, maybe go up to melbourne and back 3 times in a day and see how i go :) Cause its mostly highway between here and Sydney etc.

  9. [​IMG]

    :oops: :oops:
  10. Big difference between the distance you can do in a day if you have to, and the distance you can do in a day and actually enjoy. Not really much point in just taking the most direct route to anywhere to save time only to just come back exactly the same way. Far better to find a far less direct, more interesting way, take your time and actually enjoy the journey.
    Even better if you don't plan anything at all, and just go where the bike takes you :cool:.
  11. a sheepskin helps a lot.

    1000 klm days are ok, but string 3-4 together, and the cumulative effect gets ya.

    Early starts, and make sure you are off the road by dusk, else the roos WILL get ya. Have breakfast at the first fuel stop after leaving for the day, and make sure you fill up when you stop for the night. Then you are set for a start BEFORE the servo opens, dont want to sit around till 9am!.

    and remember the chain stuff so basic maintenance can be done.
  12. I should mention we were staying at Loz's house too.....
  13. So, was the Melbourne to Adelaide trek ok?
    How long did it take you?
  14. we did adelaide to melbourne via the great ocean rd over two days. was awesome.

    melbourne to adelaide we did in a day, was a lot more monotonous cause it's one big long straight rd with no corners or anything...really really lame & boring. probably took around 10 hours or so, but we had several rest stops.
  15. I did Melbourne to Mt Gambier, via the Great Ocean Road, in one day, on my ZZR250. Made a fair few rehydration & leg-stretching stops, took a lot longer going along the coastline but I was okay, albeit in need of a beer, once i arrived.
    On the return trip two days later i decided to fang it the straight boring way home (temp forecast was 42deg and I was aiming to avoid the heat) and managed to cut about 3 hours off the travel time, however i was rooted when I got home - in that heat you need lots of water, which I didn't have, and my legs were killing me because i was sweltering & swollen in my leathers and had made hardly any stops at all. Those big long rides are great on a 250, however be smart about it - listen to your body.
  16. And yet you're complaining? :rofl:
  17. Don't twist my words Ian! ...for I am never the rootee :wink: :p
  18. Sarz, you forgot about Burke and Wills. If they drank more beer, they would still be alive today.
  19. Have done Brighton to Mount hotham twice over weekends... 400 ks a day

    it's grea fun, would love to head to sydney and back
  20. There are good suggestions here for travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide (ie via the great ocean road). My last day trip was from Dandenong to Geelong to Warnambool (fairly boring but I don't mind anticipating the fun bits) then the full stretch of the Great Ocean road through Anglesea, Torquay, Geelong and back up to Dandenong. It was a very full day, left at about 10am and got back about 10pm (I stopped to visit family along the way). It was very rewarding/exhausting. I did this on a Kawasaki ZX10.

    I rode Melbourne to Mildura and Melbourne to Shepparton when I had my 250. It was a single cylinder SRX250 (Yamaha), that was a fun bike! It's not as much fun on a little bike, but it is bike-freedom. If it was all I had, I'd still do it again.

    I recommend taking up a multiple day option along an interesting route - you'll enjoy it more and you'll have very fond memories. To Sydney you could take the coastal route or Great Alpine Way.

    It's like a mountain isn't it - you have to climb it. Enjoy.