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Thor 50/50 boots..... trick!

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Johnny O, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Hey dude's :)

    I've been trying out a new pair of boots called 50/50's produced by motocross apparel manufacturer 'Thor', basically they are a cut-down pair of motocross boots; I think they were primarily designed as a boot for the minbike craze 'Fast Fifties' (Thumpstar type riders) but I feel that the 50/50 should stand for 50% road, 50% dirt.

    They have two quick-release latches for quick on/off, they come in four colour combinations: white with red trim, white, black with red trim & wheat (tan) with black trim. They are not waterproof and appear to breath well; my feet aren't cold in this winter weather though.


    I think they offer incredible protection, the other night on the Mystery Ride, I cut a corner a little tight and got my foot caught between footpeg bracket and a bluestone curb; the force was enough to kick the bike up with me & a passenger aboard. I felt my foot jammed in place but no pain, I know that any other lighter footwear would have seen me with a broken foot.

    The boots were wierd to wear at first, just like most new things (motocross boots especially) but now I love wearing them, they are great to ride in. They retail for $198 a pair.

    I guess 'beauty is the eye of the beholder' but I think they look trick, it's a real modern, stuntrider, freestyler type look; if you're a stunter, I reckon your gunna love these!
  2. remind me of 'moonboots' that I wore in the early 80's! :oops:
  3. :shock: Oh you bogan Mark :wink:
  4. Well I did grow up in Werribee! :LOL:
  5. I've had a pair for over a year now. Haven't given them quite the test that Johnny obviously has... I find them comfortable to walk around the shops, etc... Though I don't keep them on all day If I ride the bike to work.

    They still look in really good condition, though I don't ride that many km's.
  6. They do look sweet mate, may I ask:

    How do they handle in walking? My only drawback I see in wearing boots besides possible injury is the damage done to boots by walking in them as it generally not their purpose.

    If review is good Id certainly look into getting a pair myself!
  7. I don't think they'd be good to do a lot of walking in.
  8. I concur with Johnny O, seeing as I bought a pair from him 2 weeks ago. Very comfortable and they may not be waterproof, but after thursday nights mystery swim, my socks were still dry.

    So easy to get on and off, and the ankle support is amazing.
  9. But I find they are fine to wander around the shops for 1/2 an hour to an hour. Any longer and it would be annoying. I wouldn't wear them all day at work, I swap to a pair of shoes I keep here.
  10. I've had a pair of these for just over a month, they were bloody stiff to start off with but after about a fortnight of riding to work and wearing them all day they are probably one of the most comfy pairs of shoes i own. Spent the weekend riding around in the mud on the old dirt bike, as mentioned, they're not waterproof, but as my feet never got completely soaked i'd call them 'water resistant'.
    The only thing i'd change is the fruity bright red buckles for some not so festive black ones.
  11. They look kinda weird and heavy???

    A quick google search found them quite a bit cheaper direct from the USA.
  12. Yeh but you don't know how well your local shop can look after you because you are supporting him.

    Break a buckle or have the stitching start to come undone and see how you go getting warranty.

    As I said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
  13. Now that is a "TO TRUE" statement. Thanks for looking after me J.O!
  14. hey johnny.. how do thes compare with the alpine stars one-o-one shoe? im considering getting a pair but would like to hear some opinions on them first..
  15. Got a Black pair, so far so good.

    With walking, had them for 5 weeks and ive broken them in, a bit of a narrow fit, but i stood in hot water for 30mins and they moulded pretty well to my foot with very secure fit. GREAT for long distance rides, cnt feel the wind through them at all. Actually, i cant feel ANYTHING thru them and they look great with chic's clothes ( can wear jeans or black pants and u cnt even tell that theyr riding boots )

    Really happy so far.